Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers, small advent calendar gifts, or other small and sweet treasures to gift this holiday season, there are so many choices! At Bella Luna Toys, we've collected some of our very favorite tiny but meaningful gifts to give you an idea for all of the stockings you need to stuff!

Small stocking stuffer waldorf gifts

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Stockmar Beeswax Crayons Set of 8

These high quality beeswax-blend crayons are used in Waldorf schools worldwide. With their vivid colors and pleasant fragrance, Stockmar crayons appeal to a child's senses. The quality of these crayons is outstanding (no crumbling, sticking, smudging, etc.) and they are completely non-toxic.

stockmar stick beeswax crayons and star baby pocket waldorf dolls 

Wooden Slingshot

Made from beautiful maple hardwood and sanded for a smooth finish, this slingshot feels good in children's hands and has a wide, easy-to-grab handle. The durable leather pouch is secured tightly to black elastic straps for smooth and safe launching.

wooden sling shot with felt ball ammo

Rainbow Pocket Kite

Single line rainbow colored kite that folds neatly to fit in a small zippered nylon pouch with a metal carabiner, perfect to strap to your belt loop and take on any adventure!

Wooden Magnifying Glass

A must have tool for adventurers of all ages! This Wooden Magnifying glass is the perfect way to get a closer look at all of life's wonders. 

child holding wooden magnifying glass

Big Brother Christmas Mouse - or any Maileg mouse or bunny

A small mouse, about 6 inches tall, made out of a soft cotton and linen blend. This mouse wears a festive red pom pom hat, grey plaid scarf, and grey linen pants with suspenders. Maileg encourages hours of small world, imaginative play. 

Grapat Little Things Wooden Treasure Box

This unique take on toy cups comes in a range of colors. Children will enjoy placing the reversible top on the canister, revealing a small figure inside. The open ended nature of these wooden toys makes them perfect for fine motor development, sensory tables and more. 


Grapat 6 Dark Wood Baby Nins

The open ended play possibilities are unending with these beautifully designed toys. Use them in a dollhouse, as part of math lessons, language and sensory games and more. These peg babies have no faces or gender so children are able to develop their own stories and determine what each character represents. 

Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism

Fun for all children, these magnetic blocks provide entertainment for visits to restaurants, in the car, or on long plane rides. The Pocket Pouch includes 8 multi-hued magnetic blocks. 

 Sarah's Silks Mini Silk Streamers

A shimmering ribbon of silk is attached to a wooden wand and topped with a colorful wooden bead. These streamers can become anything in the hands of children like a magic wand, a fishing rod, for dancing, for writing letters or pictures in the air, the list goes on and on. 

sarahs silks mini silk streamer wands at bella luna toys

Star Baby Pocket Waldorf Doll

Made out of knit velour and stuffed with wool, these tiny star dolls make treasured companions. Their faces have hand embroidered details and come in three skin tones. 

Kalimba - Thumb Piano

A kalimba, or thumb piano, is a traditional instrument that originated in Africa thousands of years ago. Atop each kalimba are eight numbered keys made of tempered steel that have been cut and tuned by hand. Easy to play, simply hold the kalimba in your hands and pluck the tines with alternating thumbs.  

There are so many magical, tiny toys available at Bella Luna. These treasures will last long after Christmas morning and provide hours of play and exploration. We look forward to seeing all of the holiday magic you bring to your family this year. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #BellaLunaToys to share it all with us!

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