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Fresh mint sits in a crafted pie dish with beeswax and gingham napkins.

Homemade Mint Lip Balm Recipe

With the wintery weather here, we have noticed our lips getting extra chapped! This lip balm, made of natural ingredients, is the perfect solution for taking on even the coldest winds. With the silky smooth olive oil and a hint of mint, this homemade lip balm makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one. This recipe has two parts, part one is making a mint infused olive oil (to give scent) and is completely optional. If you want the simplest recipe, skip to part two.

Beeswax lip balm sits on a table with beeswax and mint.

Gather Your Supplies:

These are the ingredients to fill three 0.5oz tins of lip balm:

  • 7 tablespoons olive oil 
  • 2 cups of mint leaves 
  • Cheese cloth or straining cloth
  • Heat-resistant glass jar
  • Pot for double boiling
  • Beeswax - amount will depend on how much liquid you have
  • Vitamin E oil
  • A tin or mini jar - to store your lip balm

Part 1: Infuse the mint, this part is optional

Step 1: Mint leaves

Begin by rinsing your fresh mint until clean. Then, separate the mint leaves (2 cups) from the stems. 

Fresh mint leaves sit in a crafted pie dish with beeswax and gingham napkins.

Step 2: Blend

Once separated, combine in a blender with olive oil (7 tablespoons) until smooth. After blending, place the smooth mixture into a heat-resistant jar.

A mason jar sits with mixed mint and olive oil with a wooden spoon next to it.

Step 3: Double Boil

Then, slowly double boil your mixture on a low simmer for two hours. Make sure the water is not boiling. After two hours, strain the mixture using a cheese cloth or straining cloth. Let this sit overnight so that the oil separates from the water.

 A mason jar sits double boiling on a stove.

Part 2: Making the Balm

Step 4: The Next Day + Beeswax

Once all your oil has separated from the water, slowly pour out the liquid trying to keep the water separate from the oil. Then, grate your beeswax. You are going for roughly a 1 part beeswax to 3 parts liquid (1:3). We used about 1.5 tablespoons for this batch. Once the beeswax is grated you are going to double boil the oil you just separated from the water and the beeswax until the wax is fully melted.

Note: If you are not using the mint infused olive oil from part one, just do the 1:3 ratio for the amount desired. For example, use 1 tablespoon of beeswax for every 3 tablespoons of olive oil. 

Shaved beeswax sits on a tray.

Step 5: Essential Oil

After the wax is melted, let cool for a minute or two and add 10 - 15 drops of your Vitamin E  oil. Mix well. (P.S. if you want to add extra essential oils you can at this stage, just make sure they are safe for topical use!)

Note: If you are not using the mint infused olive oil in part one, your lip balm will have a strong olive oil smell if you do not add (topically safe) scented essential oils here (in addition to the Vitamin E). 

Vitamin E is being added to the lip balm mixture.


Step 6: Enjoy!

After the oil is added, transfer to your tin or jar for storage and let cool completely, enjoy! This batch filled three 0.5 oz tins perfectly.

A hand is holding the beeswax lip balm. 

Bonus Step

These make the perfect gift as a "thinking of you" gift for a loved one. Don't forget to tag us in your creations! 

Beeswax lip balm sits with beeswax and mint on a table with a gingham napkin.

We hope your winter is filled with engaging fun and heaps of family laughter and love, and a few crafternoons spent together. Share your play, crafts, reading, learning or anything magical with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use our hashtag #bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured on our feed or stories. Happy crafting!



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  • Tricia

    Thank you for sharing ! Looking forward to making it with my daughter this winter.

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