31 Days of Family Fun in December

31 Days of Family Fun in December

Pink noses and little mittened hands can be seen all around. This must mean that December is here! It's chilly and the days are at their shortest, but there's still a ton of fun to be had. Collect pinecones, make DIY wrapping paper and celebrate all month long with our final calendar of 2021!

December 2021 printable calendar | Bella Luna Toys

The December calendar is available for download here. Print it out to hang up in your home and you'll always have an activity to share with your family. 

1 Make a gingerbread house

Candy-free gingerbread house activity | Bella Luna Toys

2 Craft a handmade ornament

3 Play with a dreidel

4 Bake snickerdoodles

5 Go ice skating

6 Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

7 Search for pinecones

Pinecones on a tree stump | Bella Luna Toys

8 Dance to your favorite holiday song

9 Make a popsicle snowflake

10 Make a handmade greeting card

11 Visit a holiday market

12 Light an Advent calendar

13 Celebrate St. Lucia Day

14 Make some DIY wrapping paper

DIY wrapping paper | Bella Luna Toys

15 Hang up some string lights

16 Make gingerbread playdough

17 Decorate candles

Decorated candle craft | Bella Luna Toys

18 Make a pom-pom garland

19 Make your favorite holiday drink

20 Make a paper snowflake

21 Wrap gifts with children

22 Hold a puppet show

23 Play hide and seek

24 Make peppermint barkHomemade peppermint bark | Bella Luna Toys

25 Merry Christmas!

26 Happy Kwanzaa

27 Make a snowman painting

28 Decorate a mug

29 Make a window star

30 Write down memories from 2021Memories from 2021 in a jar | Bella Luna Toys

31 Draft New Year's Resolutions

Don't forget to tag us on social media using #bellalunatoys as you follow along in December! Have a joyous holiday season and see you again in 2022!

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