Less Sugar, More Fun! Candy Free Halloween Ideas

Less Sugar, More Fun! Candy Free Halloween Ideas

Less Sugar, more fun! Candy free halloween ideas

We know that when it comes to Halloween you might be looking for ways to celebrate that include a little less sugar. We have put together some of our favorite little things to gift this fall. Little pocket treasures, crafts and more; try these substitutions for candy that can provide hours of play and wonder.

A Tisket, A Tasket - Start Off with a Basket

Natural and fair trade child sized bolga baskets

Our natural and fair-trade bolga baskets come in 3 sizes, perfect to hold a miniature surprise, bundle of goodies, or mountain of treats! Repurpose it after the festivities to take on picnics or store your favorite toys.

Pick a Perfect Pocket Baby

Handmade Waldorf Dolls and Pocket Babies at Bella Luna Toys

So many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from! A pocket baby is the sweetest gift for children of all ages.

Shop All Dolls

Something Silk Will Do The Trick

Sarah's Silks gift guide halloween ideas

Streamers, swords and skytails! A playsilk or one of the sweet silk toys from Sarah's Silks makes every holiday feel special.

Shop All Silks

Paper Crafts & Handwork Projects

Handwork and arts & crafts kits for Halloween

Decorate for the festivities or learn a new skill. Arts & Crafts are always a hit for Halloween!

Shop Arts & Crafts

Find a Fall Book

Turn the pages of these fall favorites and get inspired. Go on adventures with fairies, learn all about owls or bake your own autumnal cake.

Shop Books

Wrap Up With Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys for Halloween

Share a wooden treasure that's sure to last much longer than any candy or treat! Give them things that stack, roll and much more.

Shop Wooden Toys 

We hope you find something that the children in your family will love and will make this season even more fun. Be sure to follow along @bellallunatoys and tag #bellalunatoys to share your festivities!

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