Magical Maileg - Play & Size Guide

Magical Maileg - Play & Size Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Maileg, a world filled with endless possibilities for creating magic! It is a world where mice and cats can take rides on tricycles and bunnies and dinosaurs can have tea parties. Mice can be chefs or hike giant mountains, or they can live in a castle right next door to a house for bunnies and rabbits.

Each Maileg character is created to be held close, dressed up, and rocked to sleep. With just enough details, these toys allow children to add the characteristics they want to conjure, encouraging open-ended play and deep imaginings. Maileg toys set the scene but it is up to each child to craft the unique story they see in front of them. A story that can be different every time.

Playing with these beautiful toys helps develop a sense of endless possibilities as children create a world without limits; a world that can be just exactly how they need it to be, whenever they need it most.

When you give a child a Maileg toy, chances are they will immediately incorporate it into their play. But if you want to add some extra fun and get in on the creativity, here are some fun ideas to extend the play. Under these ideas, we share more information about Maileg sizing to help you distinguish between the different animals and what accessories they work well with. 

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Child plays with a Maileg plush mouse on a tiny tricycle

Play Prompts

Ask a round of questions to start the storytelling or to get a new set up ready for the day such as; What will the mice do today? Who is visiting the bunnies for dinner and what will they have? What does the princess see from the balcony? Where will they go on a trip today?

Scavenger Hunt

Have a scavenger hunt where you hide different characters around the house and create clues for each one. Or have the mouse hunt for different objects to use as they create a cozy house.

Dance Party

Turn on some fun music, hold some friends in your arms and get ready to move! These friends love to shake it, the bunnies love flopping their ears and the hiking mice have lots of stamina from their long hikes!

Illustrate a Maileg Story

Each day, draw the Maileg scene that you create so you can remember it or add it to a page of a book you create about your different characters and the amazing adventures they have each day.

Host a Tea Party or Birthday Party

Have a tea party or birthday party for your small friends. Set everyone up around a tiny table like this one and let the celebration begin. Make miniature plates and bowls out of playdough or salt dough and you can even make bite-sized food for your friends, like tiny pancakes or little bites of cheese. Create party hats out of bits of paper and pom poms, and wrap gifts in mini playsilks. 

Recycle and Reuse

Make new worlds for your Maileg pals with things you have around the house and practie reusing and repurposing. Cardboard boxes can become a school, a hospital, or a museum. Create couches from toilet paper rolls or beds frames from popsicles sticks. You can even add your Maileg friends to your fairy houses and little houses outside as long as you remember to bring them inside for the night!

Maileg dog wearing collar and bed, child tucking the dog in under a small blanket

Maileg Sizing

Just as there are endless storytelling possibilities and ways to play with Maileg, there are several different things to understand about the sizing of Maileg friends. Some are mini and some are big while many are in between. Some fit in pockets and others are perfect for hugging through the night. The following is a guide to help you find the Maileg friend that is just the right fit for your child and the accessories that match.

Maileg Mice

There are a few different sizes of mice but mainly the differences in sizes are according to their place in the family. There are dad mice, mom mice, big sisters, little sisters, big brothers, little brothers, and baby mice. Many of these mice come in matchboxes or suitcases and they are designed to fit perfectly in the Maileg Castle. While there are some larger sized mice, most are between 5 and 6 inches and so are roughly the same size as the Micro Bunnies and Rabbits and Teddy baby. The baby mice are 3 inches tall and so are a similar size to the My size Bunnies and Rabbits. 

Child's hands holding two maileg mice

Grandparent Mice, Mom Mice, Dad Mice = 6 inches

Big Brother and Big Sister Mice = 5 inches

Little Sister and Little Brother Mice = 4.25 inches

Baby Mice = 3 inches  

Rabbits & Bunnies

The following chart shows all of the different sizes that the Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits come in. There is one very important distinction between the two. In Maileg World, rabbits have their ears pointed up and bunnies have long floppy ears. Most of the furniture for rabbits and bunnies is designed for size 1, 2, Micro and My including the House of Miniatures Dollhouse.

Rabbit Family Sizing

Size 5 = 31 inches

Size 4 = 26 inches

Size 3 = 19 inches

Size 2 = 12 inches

Size 1= 10 inches

Micro = 5 inches

My = 4.5 inches 

Bunny Family Sizing

Size 5 = 26 inches

Size 4 = 20.5 inches

Size 3 = 16 inches

Size 2 = 10 inches

Size 1 = 9 inches

Micro = 5 inches

My = 4.5 inches 

Helpful Tips:

Think of Size 1 and Size 2 Bunnies and Rabbits as the parents, the Micro size as toddlers, and the My size as the babies.

"My" is the smallest size that Maileg has and “My” is a Danish word for teeny, tiny. The My & Micro collection consists of My-sized Bunnies & Rabbits, Micro Bunnies & Rabbits, Baby Mice, and a variety of accessories that fit these tiny friends just right!  

The House of Miniatures Dollhouse and its furniture is proportionally sized for the following: 

  • Size 1, size 2, micro and my sized bunnies, rabbits and mice.
  • Teddy Family - Teddy Mom & Dad are similar in size to size 1 Bunnies & Rabbits. Teddy Baby is micro sized
  • Chatons (kittens) are 9 inches so similar in size to Size 1 Bunnies and Rabbits

Although there are many other friends that populate the magical world of Maileg, including Gantos, the Safari collection, and more, many of the friends can be mixed and matched. It is okay for a mouse to be a little small for a couch or a bunny to be a little big for it. That just adds to the charm and quirkiness of Maileg.

Maileg mouse in bed

We hope this helps and please know that we are here to help guide you through the delights of this Danish designed toy world! These toys are thoughtfully crafted and will hold up to years of imaginative play. We are thrilled to stock the newest Maileg collection, available soon! Don't forget to tag us when you share your fun and play on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys. Enjoy your play!

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