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A kite paper snowflake sits on a pine table with fresh pine and ribbon.

Craft a Winter Wonderland with Kite Paper Stars

Tis the season to string the lights and celebrate the glimmering stars and snowflakes that make this time of year so magical. To add an extra dose of seasonal beauty, whether to hang above a winter nature table or to add some festivity to your front windows, these easy to make and enduring kite paper stars are a beautiful way to transmit the light and allow your children to help with the decorating.

Kite paper comes in a huge range of colors so you and your family can decide the palette you want to match your seasonal themes, whether you choose a simple white to look like snowflakes or winter colors such as light and dark blue, purple, or deep red like the color of holly berries.

2 Options for Simple Window Stars

Kite paper snowflakes.

For the First Snowflake Window Star:

1. You'll need two sheets of standard size kite paper, glue, and scissors. Fold each sheet of paper in half, then in half again. You've created lines dividing the sheet into four sections. Cut out each section. You now have 8 small squares of kite paper.

Unfolded kite paper sits on a table surrounded by pine.

2. Begin folding with one small square. Fold the square in half diagonally. Open to reveal center guide line. Fold side corner in to meet the center guide line. Fold opposite corner in to meet the center guide line.

Kite paper being folded on a table.

9. Repeat this with all 8 squares of kite paper, and glue together to form your snowflake!

Snowflakes being made on a table.

9. Enjoy your new snowflake!

Kite paper snowflakes on a table.

For the Second Snowflake Window Star:

1. You will need two standard sheets of kite paper. Fold both squares in half, and in half again. This creates lines for 4 smaller squares. Cut out these 4 squares, then cut each square in half again to create 8 thin rectangles.

Unfolded kite paper sits on a table surrounded by pine.

3. Start with one rectangle of kite paper. Fold it in half lengthwise. Unfold to reveal the center guideline. 

Kite paper being folded on a table.

7. Fold one corner inward toward center guideline. Repeat with all four corners. Fold outer edge of point to meet the center guide line. Repeat with both sides. On the opposite end, fold the top of the triangle back on itself to make two small triangles.

Different stages of the folded snowflake.

10. Repeat this will all eight rectangles of kite paper. Glue them together to create a snowflake window star!

Snowflakes being made.

10. Glue them together to create a snowflake window star!

Glue together your snowflake kite paper.

10. Enjoy your new snowflakes!

Snowflake finished on a table.

Now you have created two different (yet similar) window stars to decorate your nature table or to spruce up your windows through the sometimes dreary winter weather. Not only will this project brighten the season, but it is a great way to help your children with spatial understanding and following a pattern. May your stars shine brightly throughout this season of light! Don't forget to share your winter masterpieces with us by tagging us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and using the hashtag #bellalunatoys!

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