Make Your Own Felt Leaf Treasure Pouch

Make Your Own Felt Leaf Treasure Pouch

Felt Leaf Treasure Pouch Tutorial - Bella Luna Toys

There is so much to celebrate now that spring is here! The trees are in bloom, seedlings are sprouting and fresh soil is ready for planting.

This nature-inspired felt leaf craft is from our friend Hannah of Sunny Little Co. who created this tutorial just for our Bella Luna Toys community.

You can adapt this tutorial with some slight modifications if you are working with younger children.

Materials Needed:
-Wool felt sheets
-Pearl cotton/embroidery thread
-Embroidery Needle
-Leaf shaped stencil
-Pen or marker to trace
-Wooden Peg Dolls (optional)

Materials for Felt Leaf Pouch

Step 1: Create a leaf template by tracing a leaf shape onto paper. Use template to cut two identical leaves out of wool felt. You’ll need two to create a leaf pocket.

Thread the Needle - Felt Leaf Tutorial

Step 2: Thread your needle, then tie a knot at the end of your thread to ensure that your stitching will not come undone.

If working with smaller child, make holes throughout the leaf with a larger needle. That way, the child will see where to put the needle in. The child can also use a plastic needle for safety!

Step 3: Begin stitching! Start with an inside stitch to hide the end of the thread. You can use whatever stitch you’d like~our examples used the hemming stitch and the blanket stitch. Make sure that your stitches are close together to ensure that the leaf will be able to hold your peg doll or any other treasures you’d like to put inside!

Stitching - Felt Leaf Tutorial

Step 4: To finish off, go back through the last stitch completed and pull tight. You can go through this stitch several times to ensure that the thread is secure. Cut thread as close to work as possible.

Finished Stitch - Felt Leaf Tutorial

Step 5: Enjoy! Put whatever you’d like inside your leaf pocket. It's perfect to take on nature walks or for adventures on the go!

Peg Doll Inside Felt Leaf Pouch - Bella Luna Toys

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