March Calendar is Here

Fresh Ideas For Fun In March

March’s blossoms- purple, gold
Six petals to the sun unfold
From the "Crowning of the Year” by Juliet Compton-Burnett.


March is here, springing forth from the frost. It's time to say goodbye to winter and welcome the Spring! With our March calendar, you can go cloud-gazing, create a nature journal, create felt Easter eggs, and so much more! Print our March calendar or follow along each day on social media.

1 Learn about Mardi Gras 

2 Plant seeds 

3 Label the parts of a flower 

Label felt flowers DIY Valentines - Bella Luna Toys

4 Play with a silk streamer 

5 Pop popcorn on the stove 

6 Skip stones 

7 Play with a toy boat

Wooden Toy Boat | Bella Luna Toys

8 Go on a wagon ride

9 Go cloud-gazing

10 Learn about composting

11 Play with a jumprope

12 Make a fruit smoothie

13 Gather and press flowers

Flower press | Bella Luna Toys

14 Make a fruit pie 

15 Fold a paper airplane 

16 Have a tea party

17 Draw a rainbow

Drawing a rainbow invitation to create | Bella Luna Toys

18 Play a musical instrument

19 Write a haiku

20 Celebrate the spring equinox

21 Learn a spring verse 

22 Craft a nature journal 

23 Read "Spring" by Gerda Muller 

24 Make a spring window transparency

Spring window transparency | Bella Luna Toys

25 Set up a spring nature table 

26 Make felt Easter eggs 

27 Play hopscotch

28 Play a board game outside

29 Create a pet rock

30 Make a collage

31 Celebrate National Crayon Day

Stockmar, Filana and rock crayons | Bella Luna Toys

Wishing you a month full of growth! Share your spring crafts and treats with us on Instagram by tagging @bellalunatoys and using the hashtag #bellalunatoys.

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