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Our Favorite Waldorf Birthday Gifts

Our Favorite Waldorf Birthday Gifts

As children complete another circle around the sun, their birthday is a time of hope. One that is filled with celebration, meaning, and a bit of magic. Finding that special gift that will last and be a part of a child’s growth and play for many years is a lovely way to honor this special day. But choosing that just-right gift can at times be daunting and thats why weve created this curated guide filled with classic Waldorf birthday gifts perfectly suited for each developmental stage. 


Gifts for Baby

Welcoming a brand-new baby or celebrating a baby’s first birthday is an immensely special time, and the gifts given on these occasions often hold a meaningful place in the family and life of the child. For the first birthday, so much has transpired and changed throughout their first year on this earth. They are now actively engaging with toys and exploring the world around them. They are noticing sounds, beginning to walk and move, and still taking time for cozy and cuddly moments. Our selection of baby birthday gifts for these milestones focus on natural, enriching toys that gently soothe the senses while inspiring curiosity and wonder.

Curated selection of birthday gifts for a one year old

Bella Baby Organic Terry Doll

Otto The Elephant Wooden Pull Toy

Magica Wooden Beads Clutching Toy

Mini Flip 2-in-1 Wooden Ride On & Rocking Toy

Organic Rattle Doll - Banana

Toys for Toddlers

A toddler’s birthday is filled with energy and personality, in tune with the dynamic spirit of a young child. Active, engaged, and delighted by their senses, toddlers are continuing to explore the world around them while developing their interests and abilities. Birthday gifts for this age encourage children to learn about the magic of open-ended play as every day is filled with fun and imagination with the right toys. From lovely playsilks to gorgeous nesting blocks, this handpicked gift selection will encourage their imaginations to grow. 

Curated selection of gifts for toddlers

HABA Wooden Doll Pram

Northern Coast Play Silk

Little Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll

Wooden Land Yacht With Four Peg Friends

Wooden Triangle Foldable Climbing Frame

Perfect for Your Preschooler

Gifts for preschoolers highlight more in-depth imaginative play, role playing, and the emergence of storytelling. At this stage children begin to imitate the adults around them, so giving them toys that encourage them to help and be a part of the household activities are wonderful choices. From beautiful hand-crafted dollhouses to a variety of loose part play toys, gifts for this age will be a vital part of the toy rotation for several more years of creative play. 

Preschool toy gift guide

 Classic Wooden Play Kitchen

Thimbleberry Cottage Classic Wooden Dollhouse

12 Piece Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tunnel

 Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll

Wooden Toy Sewing Machine

Wooden Toy Airplane

Nins In The Woods Storytelling Set

Shop for Grade-Schoolers

School aged children love learning and our selection of toys for grade-schoolers helps to encourage them to flex their creative muscles and explore the world in more elaborate ways. At this age, children are actively telling stories through play and their minds are filled with unlimited imagination. Our selection of gifts for this age add to the excitement of uncovering the magic of the natural world as well as engaging in open-ended and imaginative play. Offering gifts that encourage movement and the development of new skills are also great choices.  

Gifts for gradeschool kids age 5-8

Wooden Tree Branch Eco Blocks 

Arcs In Squares Wooden Building Blocks Set

Natural Wooden Mandala Pieces  

Northern Coast Playsilk 

Labyrinth Classic Wooden Balance Board  

Tea Set 

Large Ammonite Snail – Wooden Puzzle Building Blocks  

Gifts to Give Older Kids

Older children’s minds are filled with unlimited and expansive imagination! Gifts for this age appeal to their creativity and their engagement in independent play while also connecting to their sense of family and community activity. Older children are eager to learn new skills like knitting and weaving as well as play communal games that involve strategy.

Fun toys for older kids gift guide

Fairy House Building Kit  

The Original Lap Loom Kit 

Wooden Zither

Classic Children's Bicycle

YippiYappa Crocheted Basket Game

This is just a sampling of some of our very favorite birthday gifts for every age group, but our website is filled to the brim with all kinds of beautiful handmade toys and heirloom-quality gifts. Whether you have a building enthusiast or a budding artist, be sure to check out our collections for even more gift ideas to honor and commemorate a special birthday!

We hope this gift guide helps you choose just the right gifts for the special child you are shopping for. Learn more about Waldorf Birthdays on the blog here. Don't forget to share your play with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and using the hashtag #bellalunatoys

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