Paint A Pint of Summer Strawberries

Paint A Pint of Summer Strawberries

Spring planting brings summer's bounty, and we can't wait to harvest tasty vegetables and ripe fruits. Today our friend Sunny is teaching us how to make a picture-perfect pint of wooden strawberries. Display these cute berries on your nature table or use them for imaginary play!

Wooden Strawberry Play Food DIY

Gather Your Materials

  • Wooden eggs
  • Felt sheets (green)
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks

Paint Your Pint

Before getting started, you should prepare your surface with recycled paper or cardboard. Gather your materials and begin by painting each of your eggs red on one side. Allow them to dry, then paint the other side. Once dry, add decorative dots, dashes or any design you'd like to represent the seeds.

Next, you will cut the leaves and stem out of wool felt sheets. Feel free to get creative with this step! 4, 5, or 6-point star shapes work great for this. Add dimension by layering a second smaller star shape on top. Cut the little stem out of scraps.

Assemble Your Berries

Adults and older children can use a hot glue gun to fix the first star onto the larger part of the painted wooden egg. Glue about ¼ of the way down each of the leaves, so they point downwards.

Finally, add the second layer of leaves and stem. Layer a leaf over the bottom of your stem to hide the glue from sight.

Now you’re finished! Admire your beautiful craft, put them on display, or play hide and seek with them outside like we did! Enjoy them throughout the warm summer months and beyond. These berries will never go bad!

Thank you to Sunny, a talented maker, and mother who draws inspiration from nature and Waldorf life. Follow her on Instagram for more whimsical crafts and tips on slowing down and enjoying life's special moments.

We hope you enjoy making this sweet summertime craft! Please share your work and play with us @BellaLunaToys or use the #BellaLunaToys for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed.

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