Exploring the World of Tender Leaf Toys

Exploring the World of Tender Leaf Toys

In case you haven’t opened the door yet on the enchanting world of Tender Leaf Toys, (and even if you have,) we wanted to shine a spotlight on this innovative toy company that we’ve fallen in love with at Bella Luna Toys. Tender Leaf Toys creates charmingly quirky and engaging handmade wooden toys that are ideal for small hands to play with for a lifetime of imaginative open-ended play. We not only love the beautiful design of these toys, we are inspired by the ethics and environmental commitment of this amazing company.

Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Bug Hotel Toy

The Sustainability of Tender Leaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys makes sustainability and ethical production a priority for their brand, which is something we take seriously. First, they work directly with a single family-run factory in Indonesia. So directly in fact, that they spend two months over there designing, working next to, sharing meals, and making gorgeous toys together. The hundreds of workers in this village factory have access to fair wages, job training, and dependable work.

The company also works tirelessly to protect the natural resources of Indonesia only creating toys using reclaimed rubber wood. For every reclaimed tree they use, they plant another, ensuring toys for today and trees tomorrow and driving ahead the cycle of regeneration. Continuing their deep commitment to the environment, they also only use non-toxic paints and dyes for their safe and beautiful handmade toys.

Rosewood Cottage wooden dollhouse by Tender Leaf Toys

So what’s more to love? Well, our staff at Bella Luna Toys has been ogling over these toys for a while now and although it was hard to choose just one, we have compiled some of our favorites and why we love them!

Staff Picks You'll Love Too

Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Wheelbarrow Garden SetMy Favorite Tender Leaf Toy is the Wooden Garden Wheelbarrow Set because it combines a few of my favorites – wooden toys, being outdoors, and open-ended imaginative play. I love to garden and this sturdy wheelbarrow set has everything my nephews need to role play along such as flowers, pots, tools and scissors!

Head Garden Gnome
Tender Leaf Toys Otter Canal BoatSince it is never easy to choose just one TLT, my top picks are the whimsical Little Otter Canal Boat paired with the Wooden Sailaway Boat for hours of nautical-themed imaginative play!

- Erica
Savvy Support Sprite
Wooden Mouse Hut Tender Leaf Toys
The sardine can baby mouse crib? The tea cup shower? Oh my! I can just imagine the stories about this mouse family in their caravan and the adventures they have as they roll along. I love the small details that make the Secret Meadow Shepherd’s Hut (even the name!) come to life!

Word Wrangler Mouse
Happy Folk Hotel Tender Leaf Toys
I love the colors and styles which evoke so much playful personality found in the Happy Folk Hotel. Creative play and open ended adventuring abound with these delightful characters!

- Chris
Sourceror Bird
Bird's Nest Cafe Tender Leaf Toys
Ooh-so many good ones. I would say the Birds Nest Cafe because it has an open-ended play concept that sparks imagination and has a beautiful nature themed design.

Product Pizzazz Fairy
Woodland Gnome Family Tender Leaf Toys
I like gnomes and mushrooms.

Toy Forager
My Forest Floor Loose Parts Play Set Tender Leaf Toys
I love the versatile, open-ended nature of the My Forest Floor Wooden Play Set... beautifully designed pieces that will spark hour upon hour of imaginative play. I also think the chalkboard on the back of the lid is a clever bonus.

Spider Web Weaver

Tender Leaf Toys Baby Wearing Dolls

I love all the Tender Leaf people, especially the babywearing mothers - Mrs. Goodwood and Mrs. Forrester. I wore both my children until they were about 4 years old and loved watching my oldest child experiment with baby wearing when her little brother came along. The craftsmanship in the Tender Leaf people is absolutely gorgeous from the smooth wood to the gorgeous fabrics... heathered knits, yard-dyed stripes and all the special details...swoon!

Chief Toy Fairy Godmother

Thanks to their enviromental conciousness, Tender Leaf Toys is a brand we can feel good about carrying and you can feel good about bringing into your home. We hope you'll explore their innovative and thoughtful wooden toys and enjoy many hours of play. Here's to a future of green and clean toys!

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