Handmade Sun Catcher with Pressed Flowers

Decorate With DIY Flower Suncatchers

We love this sweet project from Sunny of Northwoodsfolk and we think it's the perfect kick-off to summer. With flowers and botanicals gathered from your own garden, a hike, or a trip to the farmers market- this craft is certainly perfect for Solstice! We love every little detail and we know you will too.

DIY Flower suncatcher craft

 Gather your materials:

  • Clear glue, washable
  • Wooden Leaf & Flower Press
  • Waxed paper or silicone baking sheet
  • Dried or fresh florals, leaves or other botanicals
  • Biodegradable glitter (optional)

 Wooden Leaf & Flower Press on Bella Luna Toys

Get Crafty With Florals

To start, place your wax paper or silicone baking sheet down on a flat surface. Grab your glue and create your shape of choice.

The size is up to you, but keep in mind that handling gets more difficult the larger the sun catcher.

You'll want your layer of glue thin, but not so thin that you have holes in your design. 1/4-1/3 of an inch should be the perfect thickness. 

Add floral elements, creating a fun design or pattern. You can create a little nature scene to even try your hand at a mandala- the options are endless.

Once your design is done let it sit to dry. The perfect amount of dry is when there is still a bit of tackiness in the back of the middle. That way you can just stick it right to the window without the addition of more glue or a hook.

Very carefully remove the wax paper or mat, stick it on a sunny window and admire your beautiful art! 

A special thanks to Sunny, who is a regular Moon Child contributor, who shares ways to live simply through the seasons from her family to yours.

We hope you enjoy making this sweet summertime craft! Please share your work and play with us @BellaLunaToys or use the #BellaLunaToys for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed.

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  • Liz

    This is SO COOL! I can’t wait to try it! I already make greeting cards from pressed flowers and am attempting to start my own small (make that VERY) business. Thank you Sunny for sharing this super easy project you can do at home and without investing in expensive materials!

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