Write A Backyard Fairy Poem

Write A Backyard Fairy Poem

Fairies are some of the most magical wee folk to arrive in our world. Always ready for a tea party, to catch a ride on a sparrow or to stir up some gentle mischief!

Phoebe Wahl takes us into the tiny world of Backyard Fairies, filled with flora, fauna and magical tiny creatures - her illustrations and stories take us to new and mythical places right under our noses.  

To celebrate the summer sprites inhabiting our backyards we invite you to write your own poem, inspired by Phoebe's book, Backyard Fairies. Download this printable postcard (and print it on cardstock). Add your return address, along with a stamp, and drop it in the mail to submit your sweet sonnets for the chance to be featured on our social media and win a special prize!

Download the postcard here!

We hope that you enjoy Phoebe's world as much as we do and that you and your children are inspired to write prose and poetry in the name of magic, little worlds and Summertime. 
*Fairy Poem Contest: 1 winner will be selected to receive a fairy themed prize pack. Entries will be accepted until 8/31/22. Winner will be announced on our social media accounts and prize will be mailed to the return address on the entry postcard. Good luck!

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