Kids Gardening Tools | Gardening With Children. Working in a garden helps connect children with nature and the cycle of the year, teaches children where our food comes from, and awakens wonder and awe at watching a plant grow from seed to flower or fruit. Bella Luna Toys offers quality gardening tools for children, work gloves, and a number of books on gardening with children. Well may your garden grow!
Wooden Flower Press for Kids made in Germany

Wooden Leaf & Flower Press

$ 22.00

Kid's Gardening Hand Tool - Fork

Kid's Gardening Hand Tool - Fork

$ 18.00

Kids Gardening Tool Set - Childrens Garden Tools - Set of 5

Kids Gardening Tools - 5 Piece Set

$ 87.00

My First Pocket Knife - Multi-Tool - Bella Luna Toys

Kid's First Pocket Knife

$ 15.00

Kikkerland Huckleberry Pressed Flower Wooden Frame - Bella Luna Toys New

Pressed Flower Wooden Frame

$ 6.00

Child's Leaf Rake - Kid's Gardening Tools

Child's Leaf Rake

$ 23.00

Kid's Gardening Work Gloves

Kid's Gardening Work Gloves

$ 7.00

Kid's Snow Shovel - Bella Luna Toys

Kid's Snow Shovel

$ 39.00

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots by Sharon Lovejoy

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots by Sharon Lovejoy - Book

$ 13.99

Child's Shovel - Kids' Gardening Tool

Child's Garden Shovel

$ 20.00

Child's Spade - Kids Gardening Tools

Child's Garden Spade

$ 19.00

Child's Soil Rake - Kids Gardening Tools

Child's Soil Rake

$ 20.00

Fairy Garden Handbook by Liza Gardner Walsh

Fairy Garden Handbook

$ 15.99

Child's Hoe - Kid's Gardening Tools

Child's Garden Hoe

$ 19.00

Metal Kids Sand Pail Bucket Tools Toys - Germany

Metal Sand Pail & Hand Tools Set

$ 45.00

Kid's Gardening Tools Set - Bella Luna Toys Sold Out

Kid’s Gardening Tools Set

$ 55.00

Kid's Gardening Hand Tool - Trowel Sold Out

Kid's Gardening Hand Tool - Trowel

$ 18.00