Explore our collection of unique, natural, and eco-friendly costumes. Costumes are not only for Halloween! These high quality kids costumes will hold up to years of fun and imaginative dress-up play.
Blue Felt Crown Bestseller

Blue Felt Crown

$ 9.00

Soft Silk Swords from Sarah's Silks Sold Out

Soft Silk Sword

$ 17.00

Natural Organic Face Painting Kits

Natural Face Painting Kit

from $ 12.00

Kids Wooden Sword and Leather Sheath Set

Large Wooden Sword with Leather Sheath

$ 30.00

Kid's Knight's Helmet With Jute

Knight's Helmet for Kids

$ 30.00

Silk Rainbow Veil

Silk Rainbow Veil

$ 19.95

Sarah's Silks, Reversible Silk Crown, Rainbow, Rose

Reversible Silk Crown

$ 19.95

Pink Felt Crown Bestseller

Pink Felt Crown

$ 9.00

Silk Fairy Skirt - Toddler Size

Silk Fairy Skirt - Toddler Size

$ 39.95

Rainbow Garland, Sarahs Silks, Bella Luna Toys Bestseller

Silk Garland by Sarah's Silks

$ 9.95

Felt Rainbow Magic Wand Sold Out

Felt Rainbow Star Wand

$ 19.00

Replacement Arrows for Wooden Toy Bow and Arrow Set

Replacement Arrows

$ 15.00

Kids Leather Quiver for Wooden Toy Bow and Arrows Set

Leather Quiver for Bow and Arrows

$ 37.00

Fairy Skirts by Sarahs Silks Bestseller

Silk Fairy Skirt - Large

$ 39.95

Sarah's Silks Silk Wings, Rainbow

Silk Wings from Sarah's Silks

$ 29.95

Boys Knights Costume - Jute Tunic

Jute Tunic Knight Costume

$ 40.00

Crossbow And Arrow Set

Wooden Crossbow and Arrows Set

$ 65.00

Fairy Dress by Sarah's Silks, Pink/Rainbow Bestseller

Fairy Dress by Sarah's Silks

$ 59.95

Rainbow Birthday Cape

Waldorf Birthday Cape

$ 34.95

Natural Earth Face Paint Applicator Set

Face Paint Applicator Set

$ 4.00

All Year Round: A Calendar of Celebrations

All Year Round: A Calendar of Celebrations

$ 25.99

Soft Wool Felt Sword

Soft Wool Felt Sword

$ 30.00

Rainbow Cape, Sarah's Silks

Rainbow Cape

$ 35.00

Sarah's Siks Reversible Silk Cape

Reversible Silk Cape

$ 34.95

Pumpkin Birthday Ring Decoration - Grimms Spiel & Holz Sold Out

Birthday Ring Decoration - Pumpkin

$ 6.00

Kids Toy Sword Holder Belt - Baldric

Sword Holder Belt - Baldric

$ 8.00

Natural Face Painting Pencils Non-Toxic - Bella Luna Toys - Giotto

Face Painting Pencils

from $ 19.00

Sarah's Silk's Pink Princess Hat

Silk Princess Hat

$ 27.00

Fauna Trade - Wooden Toy Knight's Shield - Dragon Emblem Exclusive

Wooden Dragon Shield

$ 20.00

Fantashion Knight's Wooden Shield With Cross

Knight's Wooden Shield with Cross

$ 20.00

Autumn Play Silks Set - Fall - Bella Luna Toys New

Autumn Play Silks Set

from $ 50.00

Kids Embroidered Hooded Cloak

Kids Embroidered Hooded Cloak

$ 50.00

Robin Hood Hat - Forest Green with Red Feather

Robin Hood Hat

$ 23.00

Child's Crushed Red Velvet Cape with Hood

Child's Red Velvet Cape With Hood

$ 55.00

Silk Princess Dress

Silk Princess Dress

$ 89.95

Pirate Hat Set, Wool Felt, Fair Trade

Felt Pirate Hat Set

$ 19.00

Earth Henna Tattoos - Body Painting Kit - Bella Luna Toys

Henna Tattoos - All Natural Body Painting Kit

from $ 17.00

Replacement Arrows for Wooden Toy Crossbow

Replacement Arrows for Crossbow Set

$ 10.00

Kids Boys Robin Hood Costume Cape Hat Green | Bella Luna Toys

Robin Hood - Woodsman Costume

from $ 23.00

Mermaid Costume, Girls, Sarahs Silks

Mermaid Costume by Sarah's Silks

$ 69.95