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Wooden Toys

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Dashing Dress-Ups

Dashing Dress-Ups

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Natural Outdoor Toys

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Bringing Imagination Into Play!

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Welcome to Bella Luna Toys

Hello, I'm Sarah Baldwin!

Upon the birth of my first child in 1992, my life changed irrevocably when I realized that children were meant to be my life's work. Prior to that, I had been pursuing a career as an actress, but at nearly the moment my son Harper was born, I experienced the profound spiritual transformation that comes when, suddenly, one puts another’s needs ahead of one’s own. I discovered my incredible love for children. Read More...

What Are Waldorf Toys?

When I am asked by a new acquaintance what I do for a living, I explain that I am a former Waldorf teacher and that I now sell Waldorf toys. I am frequently met with a blank stare, in which case I know that more explanation is needed. I explain that the kinds of toys I sell are wooden, eco-friendly and organic toys. You know, “green toys.” This gives most people a better idea, but there is so much more to Waldorf toys than that.  Read More...

Sarah's Moon Child Blog

Gardening with Children Gardening with Children

Working in a garden helps connect children with nature and the cycle of the year, teaches children where our food comes from, and awakens wonder and awe at watching a plant grow from seed to flower or fruit. Read More...

10 Benefits of Dress-Up Play 10 Benefits of Dress-Up Play

Children throughout the ages have enjoyed dressing up in costumes and engaging in dramatic roleplaying. Whether your child is a dragon, a princess, or a fairy, your child’s brain is going into high gear when she puts on a costume! Read More...

Boys & Doll Play Boys & Doll Play

There is a fear among many men that playing with dolls will make boys less masculine. Sadly, there are some women who also share this belief. Sarah answers questions about boys and doll play. Read More...

Storytelling: The Heart of Waldorf Education Storytelling: The Heart of Waldorf Education

From a Parent-Toddler class through the grades, children in a Waldorf school are immersed in stories. Read More...

Myth Busting: How Reading Is Taught In A Waldorf School Myth Busting: How Reading Is Taught In A Waldorf School

Soon after I discovered Waldorf education, I had a conversation with a friend whose daughter, like my son, was approaching kindergarten age. Read More...