A Note From Sarah

Sarah Baldwin - Bella Luna ToysMy whole life changed in an instant when I gave birth for the first time in 1992. Soon I realized that children were meant to be my life's work. Prior to that, I had been pursuing a career as an actress, but the moment my son Harper was born, I experienced the profound spiritual transformation that comes when, suddenly, one puts another’s needs ahead of one’s own. I discovered my incredible love for children.

Soon afterward, I discovered Waldorf education, to which I felt drawn like a moth to a flame. I enrolled in Waldorf teacher training while Harper was still in preschool and his brother Will was just a baby. Being in a Waldorf kindergarten felt like a natural progression for me (with its emphasis on storytelling, singing and puppetry) and not as much like a career change from acting. Educating young children gave me a sense of purpose and felt like the work I was born to do.

After 15 years of working with young children in the classroom, and with my two boys now grown, I made another big life transition. As the owner of Bella Luna Toys, I am excited to share my experience and knowledge of children, play and Waldorf toys in a new way. I look forward to continuing my mission to support parents and families, as well as to continue offering the beautiful, natural playthings that have been available online at Bella Luna Toys since 2002.


Sarah Baldwin, M.S.Ed.
Owner, Bella Luna Toys