Kikkerland Embroidery Kits in a basket with a Pop Up Net laying in the grass next to a magnifying glass, compass, and garden tool set

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Huckleberry Fishing Kit

Make your own fishing pole and learn how to fish with this clever Huckleberry Fishing Kit from Kikkerland Designs.

The fish-shaped holder is filled with everything you need to start your fishing adventures including; fishing line, a floater, a weight and a sharp hook. 

All kids need to do is unwind the casting line, find a nice long stick, tie the line to it, put on some bait, and then wait until something bites!

Kikkerland- Huckleberry Pop Up Net- Outdoor Toys- Bella Luna Toys

Huckleberry Pop Up Net

Get ready for explorations and discovery with this handy Huckleberry Pop Up Net from Kikkerland Designs.

This net provides a gentle way to catch creatures in the water, air, and on land, allowing children to examine them before releasing them back to the wild. 

This collapsible net folds up into a small pouch so it can be easily tucked into any bag or pack for adventures. The net expands to a 10 inch opening and is made of sturdy mesh that can withstand sifting through the water.

Kikkerland kaleidoscope- Outdoor Toys- Imaginative Play- Bella Luna Toys

Huckleberry Kaleidoscope

The world is a multicolored masterpiece and with the Huckleberry Kaleidoscope from Kikkerland, you can add your own pieces of nature and turn them into a beautiful collage of color!

Kids can gather different colored elements such as flower petals, colored stones, leaves, and then add them to the top compartment to view nature like never before.

This interactive kaleidoscope gives your child an opportunity to create their own pieces of art as they interact with the outside world and nature.

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