Wooden Seasonal Wheel Summer - Waldorf Family - Bella Luna Toys
Wooden Seasonal Wheel Summer - Waldorf Family - Bella Luna Toys
Wooden Seasonal Wheel Summer - Waldorf Family - Bella Luna Toys

Wooden Seasonal Wheel - Summer

$ 59.00

There is a reason to celebrate every season with your family and the Summer Wheel from Waldorf Family is a way to honor the warm weather and make long-lasting memories.

The lovely illustration in bright, summer-y colors takes children on a journey through the summer festivals, ultimately to the center, towards the energy and celebration of St. John’s Tide, which takes place on the Summer Solstice.

In the Waldorf tradition, St. John’s Tide, also known as midsummer, is traditionally the biggest festival of the summer. A large bonfire is built for all to gather around to commemorate the longest day of the year and to honor the bountiful harvest yet to come.

The Wooden Summer Seasonal Wheel is a heart-warming reminder of everything the season brings. 

The beautiful seasonal illustrations on this learning toy are printed on FSC-certified sustainable wood with non-toxic ink. 

"This gently reminds us of the rocks beneath our feet and the plants around us. We live on a shared planet and if we can connect and fall in love with our Earth then we can be inspired to conserve it." — Stephanie Green, Waldorf Family Founder

Place this educational toy at the center of your kitchen or dining table and use it as a beautiful display and a way to share memories all season long.

About Waldorf Family: Bella Luna Toys is honored to be an exclusive retailer of the Waldorf Family’s beautiful learning toys. Each product is design to engage hands, hearts and minds using beautiful flowing colors and original illustrations from founder Stephanie Green. Inspired by nature and the importance of creating a home slowly, their products are a balance of utility, spiritual function, artistic design, and sustainability.

  • SIZE : 13.7 inch diameter
  • MATERIAL : FSC-certified plywood and non-toxic inks, compostable and recyclable packaging
  • ORIGIN : Made in United Kingdom
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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