A Waldorf Summer Rhythm

A Waldorf Summer Rhythm

Today on the Moon Child Blog we are joined by guest poster, artist and Waldorf mother, Jacinthe from @littlehouse_happyfamily. We asked her to share a bit about how she creates a summer infused with Waldorf tradition and we're thrilled with what she had to say. Read about how she establishes a relaxed rythmn that guides her family through this season of exploration, learning and play!

Settling Into A Summer Rhythm

When the days grow longer, and the flowers start to bloom we feel a shift in our energy and mood. A need to be outside most of our days, to climb trees, run barefoot, make bubbles, search for fairies in the woods, eat breakfast with the birds and explore every stream. After Beltane we naturally ease into a slower and simpler rhythm that leaves more place for free play, nature exploration and crafts. We drift away from our lessons in favor of books about adventure and fairy tales, we follow every rabbit hole that we stumble upon.  


A table with a nature book and Waldorf A Year In A Day magazine issue about ponds on a table with a bolga basket filled with dandelions, another small basket, an insect home, and the hands of a child reaching into a bowl of dandelion petals

Anchor Moments

Our summer rhythm that starts with the summer solstice is more about anchor moments during the day that allow for rest and connection and still leave place for spontaneity and whimsy. These moments that are important to us are the spine of our rhythm during every season, but they become even more important during the summer months when we spend a lot more time outside or away from home. We start and end our day reading aloud as a family and we get together for meals and teatime. A daily rhythm should be about fostering a natural flow and dependable moments for rest and togetherness. 

Table with A Year And A Day Waldorf magazine about ponds and a child putting dandelions in a bowl

Make A Wish List

At the beginning of the season, we make a simple list of recipes we would like to try, crafts we would love to make or subjects we want to dive deeper into. This list represents our interests as a family. It changes with the years and can take any form that fits your family’s wishes and needs. It helps to give purpose to how we spend our time but still nurtures the freedom that we treasure so much about summer days. Every week, we plan one recipe, one project, one craft, one field trip and one free day. but we’ll let our mood and the weather dictate when they happen.

Natural colored bolga basket full of colorful playsilks

This year we want to learn to cook Italian, bake sourdough bread, brew sun tea and find our favorite cheesecake recipe; we want to do sun printing cards to gift during the year, suncatchers with our pressed flowers, carve animals out of soapstone and make walnut boats to race down the stream. We want to learn more about bees and honey, pond life and bird songs. We want to make paper airplanes and fly a kite; make smores and go camping. We also want to try different hikes in the parks near our home. We’ll build a fort in the backyard, watch a concert in the park and get gelato from our favorite spot.

Child blowing a large far out bubble with wooden wands

It doesn’t have to be big adventures, just make the most of those precious summer days! 

Thank you to our friend, Jacinthe for sharing the way her family settles into a summer rhythm. Follow Jacinthe on Instagram @littlehouse_happy family to see all about how her family practices Waldorf homeschooling throughout the year.  We hope you all can find marvelous adventures over your summer break. Share them with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and using the hashtag #bellalunatoys. Hope your day is full to the brim of sunshine!

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  • Lyse

    Love this !!! Jacinthe from @littlehouse_happyfamily is so inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing her thoughts and ideas.

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