Bella Luna Toys Play Kitchen with wooden toys in play room
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By partnering with Bella Luna Toys, renowned for its commitment to natural, imaginative, and Waldorf-inspired toys, your school can effortlessly earn 5% on all parent purchases, fueling educational initiatives, enhancing classroom resources, and so much more. Together, let's empower your school to thrive and nurture the minds and spirits of your students through the magic of Waldorf education.

About Bella Luna Toys

Who We Are

At Bella Luna Toys, we take pride in the fact that our company was the very first online source for Waldorf toys and supplies. Since 2002, we have been in the business of providing high-quality toys with an emphasis on Waldorf toys.

We believe children’s toys should be beautiful to behold and contribute to a child’s “sense of life”. As Plato so eloquently recognized, “the most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things”. Everything we do at Bella Luna Toys is designed to foster creative and open-ended play and allow for childhood to be filled with magic.

Child wearing Sarah's Silks Northern Coast Playsilk crown and cape in a flower field.
Natural Wooden Waldorf Playstand - Bella Luna Toys


When you become a Bella Luna Toys affiliate, you’ll earn 5% of every sale you direct to our store through your personalized affiliate link. Earn cash for your school by organically sharing your favorite Waldorf supplies and toys with your community!

Here’s how we’ll help:

  • Provide digital banners and a QR code your school can include in your email or print newsletters
  • Create customized guides with product suggestions to include in your prospective parent packets and back-to-school guides
  • Provide a curated Waldorf Toys landing page with our most loved products for Waldorf families
  • Give opportunities to earn products for auctions and fundraising efforts
  • Supply additional marketing materials for you to share and increase your earnings