An Introduction to Waldorf Dolls

An Introduction to Waldorf Dolls

A Waldorf doll is a wonderful first doll for children. These dolls can be used as a way to explore role playing, nurturing skills and imaginative play.

Unlike many traditional dolls, the facial features of a Waldorf doll are intentionally minimal (for example, two embroidered eyes, and a hint of a mouth). Sometimes they may have no facial features at all!

The lack of a fixed expression allows a child to develop his or her capacity for imagination and creativity. Without fixed facial features, a child can imagine the doll to have any emotion, from happy or sad to crying or laughing.  

Waldorf Dolls for Babies

Children can begin to play with dolls as infants by introducing a Waldorf Blanket Doll, also known as a towel doll, which perfect for little ones up to the age of two.

These dolls have a formed head covered with cotton knit skin and hand-sewn simple facial features. Babies love to look at faces and these dolls serve as a wonderful first companion. These dolls are usually crafted from a soft cotton body with simple hands and feet sewn into the four corners. These materials are safe for a child to play with, self-soothe and even gum them when it's teething time.

Waldorf Dolls for Toddlers

Our Little Heavy Baby Doll, also known as a “Bunting Doll”, is more huggable, and squeezable - ideal for toddlers. The body is pillow-like and squishy, making it easy for a young child to hold and grasp. The Original Heavy Baby weighs over 4 lbs and is a better option for older children.

An Introduction to Waldorf Dolls - Moon Child Blog

These dolls were inspired by Waldorf baby dolls that originated in Germany in 1919, designed to resemble a child in its infant stage. These weighted dolls  are filled with organic, lavender-scented millet and are designed not only to have weight like a real baby, but to also provide a calming and therapeutic effect when held on a lap.

Waldorf Dolls for Preschoolers

Children over age 4 can be introduced to a classic Waldorf Dress Up Doll. The trademark long hair on the girl dolls is usually made of mohair or boucle, and can be braided. It has flexible arms and legs, allowing the doll to be dressed in different changes of clothing and to be posed in different ways.

This is also the age when playing “house” usually begins, and children of this age love to dress and change clothes on these dolls, feeding them, having tea parties with them, and so forth. 

Watch our video on Waldorf dolls below to learn more from Bella Luna Toys owner Sarah Baldwin.

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