A Back-to-School September Calendar

A Back-to-School September Calendar

It's time to return to the classroom and begin a new year of exploration and learning. We've created weekly themes to make this back to school season even more fun! Craft, cook and explore all month long.

September Back to School Calendar at Bella Luna Toys

You can find our ideas below or download and print our calendar to hang up in your home! Follow along on Instagram for helpful videos and tutorials.

Week 1- Craft & Create

1 Decorate a special pencil

2 Explore a sensory playdoh tray

3 Craft a special teacher gift

4 Draw a map of your school or classroom

5 Decorate your new workbooks

DIY Teacher gift back to school at Bella Luna Toys

Try this simple DIY candle holder tutorial for a perfect teacher gift!

Week 2- Nature Study

6 Use a magnifying glass outside

7 Learn how to tell a tree’s age

8 Make rock story stones

9 Track a seed’s cycle

10 Dissect a mushroom and learn its parts

11 Press fall flowers

12 Make nature shadow tracings

wooden magnifying glass for kids from Bella Luna Toys

Explore more Natural Outdoor Toys.

Week 3- Creatures Great and Small

13 Learn about anthills

14 Make a bug hotel

15 Learn the animal yoga poses

16 Make a birdseed feeder

17 Memorize 5 facts about your favorite animal

18 Make a sea life diorama

19 Gather bits of nature to build a nest

Make your own bug hotel diy project for kids

Week 4- All About Me

20 Back to School Photoshoot

21 Write a poem or story about your new class

22 Make a goal for the new school year

23 Interview a family member

24 Create a time capsule

25 Make thumbprint art

26 Make a full-size self-portrait

Body tracing activity by The Workspace for Children

D is for Delicious

27 Have a special "First Day" Breakfast

28 Make a Michaelmas treat

29 Pack your dream lunch box

30 Make chocolate hummus for after school snack

best lunch box for kids

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