Holiday Gift Guide: Arts, Crafts & Handwork

Holiday Gift Guide: Arts, Crafts & Handwork

Holidays are the perfect time to add to your family's collection of arts, crafts and handwork supplies. A gift that children can create with provides them with the opportunity to use their imaginations and practice skills. Nurturing a child's creativity is a gift that last lifetimes. So without further ado, let's dive into some of our very favorite artistic gifts! 

Stockmar Opaque Watercolor Paint Set

This tin of 12 paints offers the same high-quality, artist-grade watercolor paints the brand is known for. The shades are carefully designed to be in balance and harmony with one another, and mix beautifully to create secondary and tertiary shades.

Tin of 12 stockmar watercolor paints in brilliant colors with child holding paint brush dipping into one color

Original Buddha Board

Designed for children and adults alike to learn the art of letting go. Use water to paint on the board and watch as it fades away in a few minutes. Using the board creates a calm environment where children can let their creativity flow.

Buddha board water painting board for mindfulness practice

Needle Felting Kit - Unicorn

These kits contain all the materials you need and detailed instructions of how to make your own needle felted unicorn. There are many different options of creations to make, from chickens, to fairies, to gnomes!

Needle felted sheep and unicorn and the kit that contains all materials to make them

Kitpas Large Window Art Crayons 

These twelve brilliant, buttery-soft large crayons from Japan are made to color safely on just about any surface, then easily erased with water. They work great on windows, mirrors and even paper. The large size makes them easy for little hands to grasp.

Child sits in front of window, drawing on the glass with kitpas window art crayons. they have drawn a christmas tree and other holiday decorations

Lyra Super Ferby Pencils Waldorf Assortment

Set of 12 high quality colored pencils. The unique triangular shape of Ferby Pencils helps to strengthen a child's "tripod" grasp, which reduces hand tiring and helps to develop fine motor skills. With its thick core, this colored pencil has a highly pigmented, super thick, break-resistant lead.

Several lyra super ferby waldorf colored pencils

All of Us Beeswax Crayons

Founded by a young mother, inspired by Waldorf education, who wanted to make Waldorf-inspired crayons that were not only eco-friendly, but also honored our diverse world. Her desire was to create beautiful crayons that would bring inclusion to children's art and allow them to embrace the world around them with open hearts. Comes in an attractive tin storage case containing eight shades of skin tones.

All of Us diverse skintone beeswax crayons in stocking with stockmar paints and wooden peg people

Modeling Beeswax

The rich sensory qualities of modeling beeswax make it an ideal sculpting medium for young children. Its warmth, pleasant aroma and vibrant colors all serve to nourish a child's senses. The colors remain vibrant and luminous. The wax becomes pliable after being warmed in one's hands, but then hardens and keeps its shape after forming. Figures will last as long as you want them to, but the beeswax can always be warmed and reformed, won’t dry out, and won’t create a mess.

Child's hands molding stockmar modeling beeswax sheets into christmas shapes like a christmas tree and snowflake

Lap Loom

A simple, fun and practical way to learn to weave, this loom kit can be used while resting on a table, floor or on your lap! Crafted from a portable hardwood tapestry stand, children will love using this loom to learn the basics or try their hand at more advancing weaving designs. Comes with 1 ounce of cotton warp string, 6 tubes of colorful, 100% wool weft yarn, 1 tapestry needle, 2 wooden shed sticks, 2 eight inch wooden stick shuttles, and illustrated instructions.

wooden peg lap loom kit from bella luna toys

This is just the beginning of our vast arts, crafts, and handwork supplies and tools. Shop our entire selection here to choose from many gifts that will engage the whole child: head, hands, and heart.

Will you be adding any of these beautiful supplies to your family collection this year? Or are there other supplies you love that you think we missed? We'd love to hear about it! Don't forget to tag us @BellaLunaToys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys to share your holiday magic with us.

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