Celebrating Mothers Everywhere

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During these unprecedented times, we know that Mothers and Fathers everywhere are working hard to bring comfort and love to their families. 

We asked our Bella Luna Toys community to share how they're coping right now. Below are some of our favorite submissions! We hope they inspire you!

Celebrating Mothers - Bella Luna Toys Blog

Life for our family right now is full of budding adventure, curious playtimes, and hands-on learning! Our first baby turns one is June and we are soaking up all of this extra time together. Our favorite pastimes include “cooking” in the kitchen with dad, learning about fresh produce and all of the fun utensils involved in making a meal. We also try to get outside at least 2-3 times a day (even if just for a few minutes!) Responsible, socially distanced picnics have been a recent favorite! Sunshine and smiles have helped to combat stagnant, stuffy afternoons. We are so grateful for each other, now more than ever.
Chelci Schroeder

Celebrating Mothers - Bella Luna Toys Blog

We are living in something we could not have ever imagined we’d experience, and it’s been hard. We’ve been stretched, tested, pushed to limits we’d never been to as a family. However we see the light, we find the bliss in the simplicity of living this way, and we keep moving forward. We are growing so much and finding a much firmer foundation than existed before. Hope everyone is well and can feel the light, it’s there, you’ve just got to look for it!
Cam Kennedy

Celebrating Mothers - Bella Luna Toys Blog

In December, just before the Covid-19 became a pandemic, we made a leap of faith and purchased a 200 square-foot yurt and a dream property to begin a small family run homestead. This has come at a perfect time. With the quarantine lock downs we've been able to really pour our souls into the gardens, plants, and house. We live here with our daughter, two dogs and cat. Our days have consisted of critters, mud pie faces, wild bouquets, baking and plants. The simple joy of having outdoor space is all we've wanted for our family ,since we moved from a city two bedroom apartment. This down time is just what our family needed. 
Tyler Durrett

Celebrating Mothers - Bella Luna Toys Blog

Back in late March, the small business that I help run had to close up shop due to 'shelter in place' precautions. Like a lot of other people in the world, I was now unemployed and had to switch gears into being my 15 month-old daughter's primary care giver. Although I miss working with people, I have been thankful for the time I get to spend with her as she grows and develops her unique personality. Our life right now revolves around new and safe exploratory adventures we can have around the neighborhood. She's been walking for a while, but she's found freedom running in her grandparents backyard or at the park. (While we socially distance ourselves from everyone) She loves to find sticks, pick flowers, and run, run, run! 
Laura Lewis

Celebrating Mothers - Bella Luna Toys Blog

Our life right now has been surprisingly beautiful. I'm a preschool teacher and my school has been closed since mid March, but this has allowed us to really slow down and take each day as it is. It's not always easy or fun (we miss playgrounds, friends, and the zoo!), but I'm connecting with my nearly four year old son in a way that wasn't possible when I felt pressured to rush from one activity or obligation to the next. I've asked him what he has enjoyed most lately, and his list includes "baking, exploring our trails on his bike, and playing." I'd add nature walks, telling stories, and making/mailing cards for our friends and family to that list! 
Danna Fitzgerald

Celebrating Mothers - Bella Luna Toys Blog

My main focus right now is bringing structure and peace to my girls in their unpredictable world. Each day their dad draws them two coloring pages to fill in as they see fit. We get outside to ride bikes, climb trees, fly kites or just play in the grass. Dress up is a daily activity, and so are baths. Books and stories are always a special part of our time and focusing on stories of simpler times has kept some calm. Yoga, baking and playing piano are done several times per week. Even though some traditions have taken a break for now, we're able to keep up with some! Having a twin is definitely a perk when you're stuck at home. 
Kathryn Blake


Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible mothers out there! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us!


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