Create, Imagine, Read, Build: 4 Ways to Gift

Create, Imagine, Read, Build: 4 Ways to Gift

One of the basic tenets of Waldorf education is nurturing the whole child, and when it comes to choosing toys, the adage "less is more" is key. A small and carefully curated collection of heirloom quality toys helps create a beautiful and soothing environment for playing, learning, and growing. Choosing open-ended play options that can grow with your children will also enrich their imagination, creativity, and body. Choosing toys can be overwhelming but breaking it down into which areas are supporting your child makes it easier. When it comes to holiday gifts, consider toys that encourage children to be creative, imaginative, thoughtful and curious. We’ve compiled a simple guide to aid in this four-step process using the categories create, imagine, read, and build.



Engage a child’s head, heart and hands with beautiful art supplies and craft kits.

A young girl sits using a loom to weave a pot holder.



Toys that remind children that anything is possibleincluding dragons, fairies and gnomes.

Two young children are dressed up as a knight and a dragon playing in a bright room.



Sometimes nothing is more magical than getting lost in a story.
A young boy sits reading his favorite book with his cuddly companion.


Nurture a child’s innate love and abilities to build and design worlds of play. Our collection of building toys will last for many seasons of creative imaginative play.

A young child sits amongst a collection of Grimm's Wooden Toys.


We hope this simple guide helps you break down the categories and think about areas that you would like to encourage and develop in your children’s lives. Giving the gift of open-ended play will truly ignite your children’s imagination and make for many years of wonder-filled moments. Wishing you a season filled with joy and the space to appreciate it all.

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