Easter Shopping with Sunny

Easter Shopping with Sunny

Join us and our good friend Sunny, from Northwoods Folk, as she explores a few of our Easter shop favorites and creates beautiful Easter and springtime baskets with our brand new exclusive Bolga baskets. We love Sunny's appreciation for all of our products and her love for toys that nurture imagination and wonder. Follow along as she fills our gorgeous new baskets with everything your child could imagine for a springtime filled with creativity.

Here are the links to the products mentioned in Sunny's video:

Field of Flowers Swing Bolga Baskets

Woods and Waters Swing Bolga Baskets

Northern Coast Playsilk Collection

Senger Organic Floppy Bunny Rabbit

Sarah's Silks Bunny Ears

Organic Wool Easter Grass

Ostheimer Wooden Animals

Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Egg Kit

Wooden Toy Eggs, 6 Pack

Earth Paint Pigments Egg Dyeing Kit

Far Out Bubbles

Huckleberry Compass

Flower Fairies of the Spring

DIY Huckleberry Kaleidescope

Waldorf Alphabet Cards Set

6 Piece Grimm's Pastel Rainbow

Wooden Slingshot

Little Butterfly Home

Curious Critter Butterfly Garden Kit

HABA Wooden Musical Eggs

Gardening Tool Set

Magnifying Glasses

Huckleberry Pop Up Net

Huckleberry Fishing Kit

Duckling in an Egg Necklace

Transcript from Video:

Hello everybody, my name is Sunny of Northwoods Folk and I am so excited to be here with Bella Luna Toys again today putting together some Easter or spring baskets using items that have been thoughtfully curated by them. We have been such big fans of Bella Luna for so many years. We honestly have a number of these products and use them almost every single day. I love knowing that when I shop from their store that the majority of items are going to be sustainable, ethically-sourced, just intentionally chosen to inspire wonder and creativity in our kids. It's just so important.

So, of course, we're going to need a basket and Bella Luna has this magical selection of baskets on their site including these new ones that have been made exclusively for them and you'll see that the colors are really important in a second.

But we've got this blue and green one and this yellow and pink or this pink and orange one and these baskets are made by a non-profit fair trade organization. They're all handcrafted, uniquely woven, so beautiful and unique and it's just so meaningful and I love that so much.

All right so we have our baskets. Oh by the way, they have these really fun  leather swing handles and honestly we have a number of these. Our kids use them all the time to collect their toys, nature treasures, take outside for picnics, you name it. There's so many uses for these.

Okay so we have our baskets and then we're going to fill them with some sort of grass or something right. Bella Luna has a couple different options. One is this beautiful wool roving material that can be used as almost a fake grass and then used to craft or create with afterwards or used again for the following year if you'd like. Our personal favorite for filling baskets and just our personal favorite toys in our household are these lovely Sarah Silks.

What's most exciting about these and you'll notice this is what I referenced about the color of the basket, is these are colors unique to Bella Luna toys. This is their Northern Coast Collection and they're just these beautiful earthy pastel colors, they're so beautiful. You've got the large size and the small size, this one is the fiddlehead, and this is gooseberry color, so pretty like a peachy color, this is their rosehip it's like a dusty pink, so pretty, this one is their tidewater, it's a pretty blue, and then we've got this lighter green color, this is the moss agate. They have such fun names! I love them so much. Our kids like I mentioned use these all the time. We have three little boys and so more often they're used as like capes tied around their neck, folded diagonally like this and tied over their head for being pirates. We also like to use them as like the background for puppet shows or nature tables. There's so many uses for these. It literally is a definition of open -ended. They're just so wonderful. And Bella Luna also carries a number of other items in the Northern Coast colorway. We've got some really fun magical capes. This again is that beautiful agate, the moss agate color. And you can of course use these just as a filler on their own if you'd like. If you already have some silks or just want to purchase these.

But there's a couple of these capes here that I know our kids are just going to love so much. They haven't seen these things yet. So we've got the capes and then we also have these really beautiful silk garland crowns. They're all crafted with 100% silk, so soft but durable and really meant to be loved. And yeah, just inspire creativity and imagination. And a little bit of magic, right? So we're going to put some of these inside.

And then we also have some other really fun additions from Sarah Silks. We've got this lovely reversible colored crown. So this can be flipped inside out like this. It's made with this pure silk, but it's been hand painted with a Jacquard type pattern on it. Again, meant to just really inspire so much imagination for our kids. It's so fun. And then of course, this is so perfect for spring and Easter, right? These little bunny ears with the elastic band on the back. So fun for pretend play, especially during springtime. We'll put that in here. And then the last item. from Sarah Silks are these lovely silk wands. These are the mini wands, you can also find some other ones on the site. These are the mini wands that come in the northern coast colorway. They're just so fun we have some of these rainbow ones, they're just so magical and I love them so much. So we'll put those in there.

This is one of my personal favorites. This is actually the Senger organic cotton and lamb's wool bunny and one of my favorite things about this product specifically is that when you get it it might be a little stiff but what happens with these natural materials is the more it's loved on the softer it gets. It's really just meant to be loved and used and it's just so special. Again it's 100% organic and it's made by a really sweet family in Germany.

All right now of course it wouldn't be an Easter basket without some sort of egg, right, and Bella Luna carries a really lovely selection of wooden eggs that can be colored or dyed or just left plain. Our kids love to play with these in their little play kitchen. That's so fun. Now of course you can put in your regular dyed eggs in here as well but for today we're just using some reusable items.

They also have this great kit from Natural Earth Paint where you can use some beautiful non-toxic eco-friendly Earth pigments to make your own paint and then paint some little wooden eggs. Now of course you can use this to paint regular eggs if you like. I personally love Natural Earth paint for crafting because I often use a lot of elements from nature and I want to be able to return those elements to nature when I'm done with them and their paint allows that to happen.

Okay, the last option that we have for decorating eggs that Bella Luna carries is this Ukrainian Easter egg decorating kit. So it comes with this great guide that has all you need to know to get you started and then a bunch of different designs to use and if you're unfamiliar, essentially what you do is you melt this beeswax and use this cool little tool here to etch a pattern on the egg and then dye them normally. So this kit has all you need to do to get started doing that.

We've got some of these little Ostheimer animals out in front. My kids love these for pretend play, they're also great on a nature table. There's just not enough space in my heart for the Ostheimer little animals. It's such a fun heirloom toy to collect each year or each celebration or holiday and giving your kid one that fits. These ones are obviously perfect for spring, the little lamb and bunny and chick.

Also, we have these eggs from HABA, my kids have had these for years and they're so much fun, these are their colorful musical eggs. Each one makes a little bit different of a sound. This one obviously has like a rattle, this one's a rattle, this one is like a twisty sound, this one is my favorite. Yeah these are so so fun and it's great for musical play for toddlers and older kids alike.

This item is one of our personal favorites and we actually have a number of these because they're so much fun. You use this solution to make a bubble mix and then you get these big wands that you dip in and open up and it just creates these massive bubbles. It's seriously so fun, we use them almost all year round unless it's really, really cold.

This one's super fun for our little gardeners out there. We've got the butterfly garden, a seed kit, so it's basically made up of non-invasive seeds to make a really fun wild flower garden and to go along with that we also have the gardening tool set. Of course you can take these out and put them in. I'm just going to set them right here. These are made of just metal and wood and I love that they're made with natural sustainable materials as are most of these items here.

Speaking of which we've got this lovely wooden Grimm’s rainbow, my kids love playing with these. These are so much fun.

We also have this sweet little butterfly house that you can put in your garden to give your your butterflies that visit a place to rest. We can't wait to put this in our garden this year.

And then this next item is one that our boys especially love. It's a little wooden slingshot, and what comes with these are just perfect, these fun rainbow felted balls which just look so cute in the basket. They add a nice bright cheery color in there. You can obviously leave them in the little pouch if you'd like to but I like putting the colors in there like that.

Then we have a number of other items for little explorers. We love this line of products. We use our little magnifying glass like this all the time. This is a little wooden and glass pocket magnifier, it's got two different magnifications in there and it's just it's so perfect for little hands. You put it on their wrist or put it in your pocket or your little explorer pack. Seriously, I love these so much. And then they also have this sweet little compass too. That'll go in here. And this one my kids are going to be so excited about, it's a little pocket fishing kit. That's so cute, the kids love to go fishing. Then we have this sweet little pop-up net, like that isn't that great, it's perfect for little packs or pockets or whatever and then you can just fold it right back up like that. And then this is the last item for little explorers. We've got this DIY Kaleidescope which is just so fun. You can put your little nature treasures or flowers or leaves in here and then make your own Kaleidoscope, so cute.

Okay. the last items that we're going to put in here are a little book. Bella Luna has a lovely selection of books. This is the Flower Fairies of the Spring, it's got really beautiful illustrations and poems and of course they have other ones like this for different seasons, but spring is perfect for our baskets.

Bella Luna also has these really sweet Waldorf alphabet cards and what I thought would be super fun is you could put them in like this and fan them out like a rainbow or you could choose your child's initials or initial and just put it in like this, if you'd like. So many different possibilities and so fun for little learners.

And then the very last item and probably one of the sweetest is this cute little chick in the egg necklace. How adorable is this! He just goes right inside, oh my gosh so cute, all right we put that in on top like that. Now, of course you could add some little chocolates or candies to these if you'd like. But I just think these are just so perfect and so cute and they're sure to be enjoyed all year round. Again you can find all of these items on the Bella Luna website along with so many other thoughtfully selected items that are sure to inspire so much wonder and curiosity in your kids. I have so enjoyed putting these together with you today. I hope you go check out their items and I also sincerely hope that you have the most magical spring and Easter season.

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