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Naturally dyed floral print Easter eggs

Egg Dyeing with Floral Prints

This stunning egg dyeing tutorial finds inspiration in the likeliest of places - our own backyards!

Our dear friend Jillian Schatzman of Little Minds Creative put together this fun and festive project that is perfect for the spring season. 

A childs hand holding a floral printed Easter Egg

Things You'll Need

  • Eggs (We used our chicken’s eggs which come in a variety of colors and loved the results. If you want the brightest shades, use white eggs. You can boil or leave them, just store in the fridge when you’re done)
  • Egg Dye
  • Cheesecloth or other thin fabric (pantyhose can also be used)
  • Dried and pressed leaves, flowers, and ferns
  • Jars 
  • Something to secure the fabric (we used rubber bands) 
  • Vinegar (optional)

Cheesecloth with a yellow flower in center for natural egg dying. Floral printed Easter eggs


Cut fabric to sizes that a single egg will fit into in about 8”-10” so you have plenty of room to gather it up. Prepare dyes in jars. Add vinegar if desired. 

Cheesecloth wrapped around egg for a floral print egg dye with natural dyes.
Place fabric in hand, place dried floral piece into the cloth. Place egg on top of the floral piece. Wrap around the egg and secure tightly with rubber band. 

Natural egg dying Easter Eggs
Drop egg into dye. Allow to sit at least five minutes. The longer they sit, the bolder the colors. Bring the egg out of the jar, set somewhere to drip dry for a minute or two. 

Natural Egg Dying Floral printed Easter eggs
Place wrapped egg on a cloth for padding to keep it from slipping. Carefully unwrap egg and gently pull off the floral piece. Set aside to dry completely.

Naturally dyed floral printed Easter eggs


Some turn out perfectly outlined and some do get a little smudged, this is an activity that requires finding the beauty in the process and letting go of perfections.

This will require a good bit or help for younger children, but unwrapping the egg is very exciting for them! 

Naturally dyed floral print Easter eggs

Look for leaves and flowers that have unique shapes and designs. Some favorite dried flowers were dandelions, buttercups, and violas. Fern leaves were another favorite. 

Thank you for this beautiful project, Jillian! Be sure to follow along for more creative ideas from Jillian right here.

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  • Lacie

    Do you think this could be done with an instant pot so the eggs get cooked and died at the same time?

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