Create A Floral Summer Banner

Create A Floral Summer Banner

Summer blooms are bountiful and we love bringing them indoors, placed on our nature tables or perched on a windowsill. Today Sunny from North Woods Folk is showing us a fun way to turn those vibrant florals into a nature-themed project that everyone in the family can enjoy. Gather a basket of your favorite flowers and our Natural Earth Flag Craft Kit to create a beautiful banner to display all summer long.

Natural Earth Flags Craft Kit flower banner

Gather Your Materials

Natural Earth Flag Craft Kit at Bella Luna Toys

Create Your Floral Print Earth Flags

Start out by collecting colorful flowers, leaves or other plants from your garden.  The more vibrant the color of the plants, the better it will print. And the juicier the flower, the more natural dye will convey to the fabric. 

Children gathering flowers and placing in a Child's Bolga Basket from Bella Luna Toys

Next, lay your flags out on a solid flat surface that won't dent from pounding with your mallet. Arrange your botanical on your flags in a fun creative pattern. Lay a piece of wax paper over and hammer the flowers with your mallet.

Flower pounding print on Earth Flag craft kit

Gently, lift away paper and florals to see if the pattern has transferred. Feel free to add more flowers or leaves and pound again if needed. 

Flower Print Natural Earth Flag banner craft

We love how Sunny hung her banner outside in her children's fort. It would also make the perfect addition to your child's room or a shared space like the kitchen, so the whole family can enjoy it! 

Thank you to Sunny, a talented maker, and mother who draws inspiration from nature and Waldorf life. Follow her on Instagram for more whimsical crafts and tips on slowing down and enjoying life's special moments.

We hope you enjoy making this sweet summertime craft! Please share your work and play with us @BellaLunaToys or use the #BellaLunaToys for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed.

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