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Holiday Traditions for your Waldorf Home

2020 has been a year like no other and as we enter the holiday season we find ourselves clinging to the nostalgia of years past tighter than ever. One of the ways we are finding comfort and connection within our community is by sharing our favorite holiday traditions with you and appreciating each one shared with us. Today we’ve gathered a few traditions we love from Bella Luna Toys customers and friends. We invite you to read how each Waldorf family makes the holiday season special through traditions, old and new.

Waldorf Holiday Traditions We Love

Advent Nature Table by Lacy Arrowsmith

"Our advent nature table is our favorite holiday tradition! Each morning, Mary and Joseph move along the star spiral, getting closer to the candle in the middle. This is something my children look forward to every day and it’s such a simple way to observe the passing of the days in December."

Advent seasonal table in a Waldorf home by Lacy Arrowsmith

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St. Lucia Day by Nicole of Frontier Dreams

"One of the holiday traditions my children and I look forward to the most is Santa Lucia day on December 13th. On this day, my husband and I are awoken by the sound of our children's sweet voices singing. They enter our darkroom in a procession led by my eldest daughter carrying a tray of hot coffee and fresh-baked lussekatter (Lucia buns) in her arms and a crown of candles on her head bringing light into the darkness. After they finish their song we all sit in our big bed and enjoy family time along with our treats. My son Lucian was named after Saint Lucia so not only is this day very close to our hearts but it is also his namesake day!"

Nicole Frontier Dreams Santa Lucia tradition

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Handmade Advent Ring by Cam Kennedy

"We love to make and light our advent ring together each winter season. Such a good reminder to slow down and talk about what we’re grateful for. Each Sunday we light a candle, read a part of Rudolph Steiners advent verse and a portion of a nativity story. Such a special time to find light in the darkness of the season."

A homemade Advent candle holder with beeswax candles

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Waldorf Paper Stars by Christine N.

"With mugs of hot cocoa and plenty of marshmallows on hand, we spend an afternoon folding Waldorf window stars and gluing together paper chains in festive reds and greens. My son loves decorating for each and every holiday, but the Christmas magic makes this project even more exciting. The hot cocoa doesn’t hurt either."

A child hangs an ornament behind window full of Waldorf Window stars folded Kite Paper from Bella Luna Toys

Gratitude by Mari of BellaMartinelli

"When I was a child, my mother began a beautiful tradition.  We would open one main gift on Christmas and then open one small gift every day until New Years Day.  Her thought was that, no matter how small a gift is, it should be appreciated.  She believed that when a child is given all of their Christmas gifts at once, the smaller gifts, no matter how thoughtful or necessary, are overlooked.  I grew up in a family of limited means and this small tradition has helped us to enjoy the holiday season longer and look forward to each day, even if the gift was a necessity wrapped in pretty packaging. I have continued this tradition with my daughter because of the lessons that it teaches in patience, gratitude and happiness. My hope is that as my daughter grows, she will fully embrace these lessons.  I hope that even when it is not the Christmas season, she looks for the gifts that each day brings."

Bella Martinelli Holiday Traditions we Love

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Advent Calendar by Miranda of Wildflower.Dwelling

"One of our favorite holiday traditions is filling the advent calendar for the month of December. Each year we come up with a new theme. It’s such a delight hearing the sound of the children running down the halls each morning to see what goodie awaits and it always brings such fond memories."

Ostheimer Wooden Toys in an advent calendar by Wildflower.Dwelling

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Handmade Gift Wrap by Leslie of EvermoreLong

"While we have been leaning into fabric gift wrapping in recent years, using upcycled brown paper wrap has been something our family has enjoyed for many years. We set aside the brown paper grocery bags and packing papers that arrived in the post, and sit down together in December with paint and stampers to turn it into special gift wrap. It turns out different each year and the kids love creating it. We always use the stamped wrap when we are putting together gifts for our family and friends and it has become something they recognize and look forward to each year as well."

Upcycled hand stamped eco-friendly wrapping paper holiday tradition

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Handmade Ornaments by Chenoa of Peace with Nature Handwork

"Growing up in a large Waldorf family we had many special traditions around the holidays. My favorite tradition, and one I continue to this day, is the making of ornaments for our tree. Each year we made different types or styles of ornaments: from watercolor paintings cut into shapes, to straw stars, to garlands of popcorn and cranberries, to this year’s needle felted gnomes and winter spheres. The ornaments would change each year, increasing in complexity as we grew older. This tradition has made each tree different and special, and it gives us the feeling of accomplishment and pride every time we look at our carefully made ornaments hanging from the boughs. This holiday tradition is a joy-filled activity that the whole family is able to work on together, bringing us closer and giving meaning and purpose to the long dark winter evenings here in the North East."

Needlefelted handwork handmade wool ornaments

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Read a Special Book by Liz of The Mother Witch

"We’ve begun a lot of new traditions this year. I wanted to make the holiday season as special as possible since things have been so turbulent this year. Our favorite new tradition has been reading “The Yule Tomte and the Little Rabbits” every night after dinner. Gwendolyn and Everest are always so excited to hear the story, and to move our own Tomten to the next day on our advent spiral. It’s been a really wonderful way to count down the days to Christmas and make sure we are spending time snuggled up together each night."

Child reading The Yule Tomte and the Little Rabbits.

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Thank you to each of our customers that shared a heartfelt holiday tradition from their Waldorf home. What are your families doing to make this holiday season special?

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