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Making a Harvest Night Star

Fall is here once again and as the air gets crisper and the evening arrives sooner - we start to look inward.  We love this Harvest Night Star project by Kobi Caterer from Little Things and think it the perfect way to usher in Fall.

Autumn colors represent the season, harvest and Michaelmas. The meteor showers and shooting stars are ever more present in the night sky during this time of year. This craft is perfect for school aged children or caregivers with younger children. It requires a bit of stitching and cutting. Get ready to make your shooting star with us!

Gathering your Materials:

  • 2 x Felt squares
  • These can be as small or as large as you would like your shooting star to be. Here we have used pure wool felt squares 10 x 10 inches in a golden hue to represent the star.
  • Paper for making your star template
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Cotton thread to match your felt
  • Scrap materials in various color, lightweight materials work best. We used silk from old play silks, but thrifted silk scarves, ribbon or an old repurposed shirt would work just as well. 
  • Wool stuffing
  • 3 coins, 3 small stones or 3 small crystals to use as a weight for inside your shooting star.
  • Gold stars from an arts and craft store

    Creating Your Star

    Take your paper and draw out your star shaped template. Make sure your star is the size and shape you would like for your shooting star before cutting out your template. Trace your paper template onto your felt and cut out your star. Repeat this step on to your second piece of felt so you have 2 felt stars the same size and shape.

    To Sew Your Star 

    Take your felt stars and line them up together one on top of the other. 
    With your needle and thread blanket stitch around the outside of your stars, sewing them together. Sew all around the outside leaving enough space at the end to place your wool stuffing and coins, stones or crystals inside. 


    Place your wool stuffing and small weights into your star and put aside. It is now time to make your shooting star tail streamers!

    For the Shooting Star

    Take your silks and cut your material into long strips like ribbons - roughly a child's arm length long. Different widths and colored streamers look beautiful when in flight! Take your streamers and place the ends together, holding them in place in your felt shooting star. Blanket stitch the remainder of your star which should now be filled with wool stuffing, be weighted and have silk streamers in place.

    Decorate and adorn your felt star with gold craft stars if you wish to add a little extra sparkle! You can either sew these onto the top or glue with a hot glue gun. Now it's ready to play with, enjoy your night sky shooting star! 

    We love the celestial inspired tutorial Kobi has put together and hope you do too! You can find more of her work on her Instagram: Little Things

    We hope you enjoy this lovely handwork project. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and tag us using our hashtag #bellalunatoys to share what you make from todays inspiration at home!

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