Our August Calendar of Fun

Our August Calendar of Fun

August Calendar of Activities - Bella Luna Toys
Welcome August with another month of fun-filled activities for children of all ages to enjoy. You can use these calendars to pick and choose ideas throughout the summer, or try them in order. Share your adventures with us on Instagram by using hashtag #bellalunasummer with us!
August 01
Grab some books and read outside

August 02
Weave some friendship bracelets

August 03
Put on a shadow puppet show

August 04
Bake chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Bella Luna Toys Calendar
August 05
Host a block building contest

August 06
Have a tea party over Zoom

August 07
Listen to an audiobook while doing handwork

August 08
Make your own trail mix

August 09
Pick up books from your local library

August 10
Tell your favorite jokes at breakfast

August 11
Create your own paper pinwheels

Rainbow Soda Dough - Bella Luna ToysPhoto via LemonLime Adventures

August 12
Make your own rainbow soda dough

August 13
Make up a new nighttime ritual

August 14
Catch and release some fireflies

August 15
Make ice paints

August 16
Put out a box of books curbside for friends to pick up

August 17
Felted bean bag tutorial with @jessicajoy.art.craft

August 18
Draw constellations and hang on the ceiling

August 19
Learn a new morning verse
Watching the Sunset - Bella Luna Toys
August 20
Go on an evening drive and watch the sunset

August 21
Crank up some tunes for a dance party

August 22
Make a cardboard castle

August 23
Create your own bubble wand

August 24
Apple craft with Jillian of @littlemindscreative

August 25
Read books about school

August 26
Collect late summer flowers to press

August 27
Bake a pie
Weaving Potholders - Bella Luna Toys
August 28
Make handmade potholders

August 29
Go for a nature walk

August 30
Send your favorite teacher a card

August 31
Learn about bees

Happy August! You can also download or view the PDF right here to print out and hang in your home.

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  • Aisha

    Thank you for this calendar, we have been following it in August and my 3 and 5 year old are loving it!!

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