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Spring Fairy Play

Spring Fairy Play

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “the Earth laughs in flowers,” and it seems that fairies do as well! For example, in your garden, growing certain flowers will bring fairies, such as growing bluebells, while others such as phlox, yarrow, and honeysuckle, will attract their good friends, the butterflies and birds.

If you have a fairy-themed spring nature table, you can consult the following fairy flower language guide so that as you add certain flowers it is like speaking in code to the fairies.

Table with spring flowers and waldorf toys representing a fairy world

Add Fairy Flower Fun to Your Spring Nature Table:

Apple Blossom: These fragrant blossoms are used by fairies as a doorway into a human garden. If a fairy sees an apple blossom, it makes it easier for them to pay a visit to your garden.

Violet: Violets are a favorite of the fairy queen and are used in many celebrations. Putting violets out shows that you respect the all-important fairy queen.

Daisy: They say being in a field of daisies allows you to see fairies, so perhaps putting a few daisies on your nature table might help those allusive creatures come into view. Daisies have another practical purpose, as wearing a daisy chain keeps children safe from mischievous fairies who like to play practical jokes. 

Flowers, ostheimer bunnies, and a mini pastel grimm's rainbow on a windowsill of a window with three daisy kite paper window star paper flowers and a toadstool

Forget-Me-Not: The tiny blossoms of this flower uncover fairy mysteries. So if you have some interesting fairy phenomena’s that you can’t seem to pin down, this is the flower for your nature table.

Gardenia: This flower allows fairies to protect children. Need we say more… 

Harebell: The flowers of this plant are said to help make fairies visible. Again, if you are on a quest to see a fairy in real life, these flowers might help.

Clover: As in four-leaf clovers, this is a sacred fairy plant even though many gardeners consider this plant a weed. Clover is easy to find and will always add some fairy appreciation to your nature table.

Pansy: Who doesn’t want more love! Powerful love potions are made by fairies from the petals of the pansy.

Peony: They say, if you place peonies in a vase next to your bed at night, you will dream of fairies. So perhaps adding these fragrant beauties on your nature table will add to the dreaminess of life in spring.

Heather: This plant helps open the door between the fairy realm and our world. It also brings gentle fairies to your garden if you make a bouquet on May 1 and leave it out as an offering for the fairies. 

More Fairy Play Ideas:

In addition to adding these flowers to your nature table, make sure to go outside and look for ways to help the fairies. Springtime is the busiest time for fairies. As all the beautiful blooms emerge, the fairies are extra busy protecting the fragile new plants, while also helping animals emerge from hibernation, helping birds make their nests, and giving flight tips to baby fairies.

With all this activity and hard fairy work, you can help the fairies by working in the garden, planting and tending to all the new growth. If you are gentle with your plants and kind to the tiny creatures who visit them, the fairies will return the favor by creating a healthy and flourishing garden. And in turn, you’ll have lots of flowers to use to communicate with them!  

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waldorf postcards holder with butterfly in front of ostheimer bunnies and flowers

Spring is a wonderful time to get outside and search through your gardens and meadows for playful fairies. Waldorf early education highlights the importance of this dreamy, imaginative space young children live in. Helping them connect with the fairy world is one fantastic way to help them play creatively, and think abstractly. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured on our feed. Happy searching!

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