Kite Paper Snowflake suncatchers for the Bella Luna Toys January Calendar

Start the New Year with our January Calendar

Welcome the new year and the month of January with another round of fun-filled activities for children of all ages to enjoy. Cozy up under your favorite quilt with a pile of books, create snowflake suncatchers, make your own paper thank you cards, and more. There's something to do every day!

Bella Luna Toys January Calendar

Download our January calendar here.

1 Make black-eyed peas

2 Learn a winter verse

3 Put on a talent show

4 Make up a secret code

5 Try bird watching on National Bird Day

A child looking for birds with binoculars

6 Make your own paper Thank You cards on the Moonchild Blog

7 Make apple cider

8 Learn a card game

9 Craft a Winter Fairy

10 Cut out paper snowflake suncatchers

Kite Paper Snow Flakes window suncatcher Waldorf Transparency

11 Churn your own butter

12 Make an ice lantern with us on our Instagram stories

13 Craft Waldorf Snowflake children on the Moonchild Blog

14 Write a song about winter

15  Make a wintry cave with play silks

Sarah's Silks Giant Earth Silk play cave fort house

16 Build a snowman (outside or as a craft)

17 Make homemade donuts

18 Read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK Day

19 Paint a portrait of your pet

20 Learn about Buddha on Bodhi Day

21 Fold Waldorf Window Stars on the Moonchild Blog

Waldorf Window stars tutorial how to guide

22 Cook a traditional family recipe

23 Make pom-poms

24 Go on a scavenger hunt

25 Make puzzles from your artwork

A child's hand putting together a homemade puzzle

26 Read books under your favorite quilt

27 Make a heart garland on the Moonchild Blog

28  Mail a letter

29 Make walnut candle boats for Candlemas

 Candlemas DIY Walnut boats with beeswax tutorial Bella Luna Toys

30 Paint popsicle stick snowflakes

31 Craft a bead necklace for a friend

Remember to share your winter projects with us on Instagram by using hashtags #BellaLunaCalendar and #BellaLunaToys. Enjoy!

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