Summer Book Club Week One - Hello Lighthouse

Summer Book Club Week One - Hello Lighthouse

“On the highest rock of a tiny island at the edge of the world stands a lighthouse. From dusk to dawn, the lighthouse beams, sending its light out to sea, guiding the ships on their way.

From dusk to dawn, the lighthouse beams.

Hello! …

Hello! …


Hello, Lighthouse!”

We can’t wait for you to say hello to Hello Lighthouse, a beautifully illustrated Caldecott winning picture book from Sophie Blackall that we adore! Every page in this gorgeous account of the life of a lighthouse keeper and his family takes our breath away as we dive deep into all of the many details that bring this lighthouse to life for kids of all ages. Sophie Blackall takes us inside and outside, up and down, while the wind blows and the lighthouse keeper writes everything in his log. Told in simple but rhythmic lines, this picture book will fascinate kids and shine a light on an important chapter in our maritime history. Plan to read this one over and over, as it’s a book that will continue offering new insights and details so that you will not want to say goodbye, lighthouse!

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An image from above of a child holding the book Hello Lighthouse open to a page picture a lighthouse in front of the ocean and sky

Day One - Read & Discuss

On our first day of Summer Book Club, read the story with your children and take time to discuss it together. Let them ask whatever questions they would like, and allow them to try to answer everything they can, as well! Giving children some time to think over the story they've just heard allows the ideas to sink in deeper, and helps them connect things they may have missed otherwise. If you would like some question ideas, here are a few we came up with. Each week we will include a list of discussion questions for each book:

Have you ever visited a lighthouse? If so, what do you remember the most about that visit?

Why do you think lighthouses need to be the shape that they are?

Would you like to be a lighthouse keeper?

How do you think the lighthouse keeper in this book might feel?

What were some of the essential chores that the keeper had to do everyday?

What are some reasons that you think lighthouses are important to save?

Day Two - Draw & Write

On day two of our Summer Book Club, we will draw or write something inspired by the story we read, allowing us to retell bits of the story as we go. Use this prompt as it works best for your child where they are. If writing or drawing isn't what they'd prefer to do, let them talk about it out loud, or put on their own little play. For this week, the prompt is to imagine you’re a lighthouse keeper and can decorate the rooms in your lighthouse any way that you please. Use this printable lighthouse to create your very own lighthouse and draw the details you imagine in each room. Maybe you’ll have one room entirely for your collection of stuffed animals and another for your art supplies? It’s entirely up to you! When you finish drawing your lighthouse rooms, you can write a day in the life at your lighthouse, imagining all the fun adventures you could have all day long!

Hello Lighthouse printable with a picture of a lighthouse for children to fill in how they wish

Download the drawing template here

Day Three - Make a Lighthouse Lantern

For day three, it's time for our craft! Each week, the third day of our book club will be a craft or activity prompt inspired by that week's book. This week, we will create a "stained glass" lighthouse lantern with a recycled glass jar. 

The book Hello Lighthouse lays on a table surrounded by three bottles of acrylic paint, paint brushes, school glue, two glass jars, a tea light candle, and a small bowl of blue, green, and clear cystals


  • Recycled glass jar
  • School glue (clear or opaque)
  • Acrylic craft paint or liquid watercolor
  • Paint brush


    • Add black acrylic paint to a partially used bottle of school glue. Shake and mix thoroughly.
    • Sketch a simple lighthouse design on a piece of paper that will fit inside of your jar. Tape the paper to the inside and use it as a guide to trace your drawing with a permanent marker.
    • Test the flow of your black paint glue by opening the spout a little and drawing with it. The paint will spread slightly, so try to make your outline thin.
    • Once your outline is finished leave your jar to dry, painting side up so the glue doesn't run.
    close up of a clear glass jar with the outline of a simple lighthouse drawn in black glue
    • When the outline is fully dry mix your glue with the colors you plan to paint. You only need a dallop of each, about 2 parts glue to 1 part paint. If you want a more clear glass look try using clear school glue and a dab of our Stockmar watercolor paints.
    • Carefully fill in the blank spaces with the colors you chose. Let dry, painting side up again, then add a candle to complete your lantern
    The children's book Hello Lighthouse stands on a table with a few crystals scattered in front of it. To it's right there is a homemade lantern made with a recycled glass jar to look as if it is stained glass

    We hope you enjoyed the first week of this year's Summer Book Club! Join us again next week as we read In The Palm Of My Hand by Jennifer Raudenbush. Share your reading and crafting journey with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured in our stories or on our feed. See you next week for more reading adventures!


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        Hi, Nancy! There is a list of all the books and activities in the previous Summer Book Club blog post. It is not the last blog post, but the one before that if you go back to blog main page! I’ll add a link here as well. Within that post, there is also a printable list you can download! Hope this helps,
        Liz, Social Media Manager

      • nancy

        I am trying to order all the books for the summer reading program but I can’t find a list anywhere.

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