Summer Book Club Week Two: In The Palm Of My Hand

Summer Book Club Week Two: In The Palm Of My Hand

“Tiny treasures hold great potential.”

How perfect is this timeless message as we gaze at the unlimited potential within the tiny humans in our midst! This poetic and whimsical picture book will be one of those beloved classics that gets read over and over each night, with each reading prompting a new discovery of a hidden detail in the beautiful illustrations. This ode to the small and simple treasures that we find along our path is a wonderful metaphor for the interconnectedness of nature and the wonder that is all around us and within us. A tender book that sparks curiosity in a quiet way through the gentle refrain of “In the palm of your hand” and captures the love that ultimately encourages our deepest potential.

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In The Palm Of My Hand book on a rug with a wooden ostheimer dragon, red playsilk and two nins

Day One: Read & Discuss

On the first day, sit down and read In The Palm Of My Hand together. Allow your children to discuss any questions they have about the story, or talk about anything that interested them. We will also be reading the story aloud on Instagram @bellalunatoys, in our stories. Don't worry if you miss it, it will also be saved to the Book Club highlight here. If you would like some thought provoking questions to ask and discuss with your children, here is a list we came up with:

  • Have you ever watched a seed grow into a plant?
  • Can you think of an example where the seed seemed too tiny to turn into what it would grow into?
  • What is the smallest thing you have ever held in your hand and what is the biggest?
  • Name all of the treasures you could find in nature that fit perfectly in your hand.
  • Where would you go if you were a butterfly “on a flight of wonder?” What places would you explore if you were that small and had wings to fly?
  • Is there a special person in your life whose hand gives "a squeeze that hugs your heart?” What are the small things that make that person special to you? What are the big things that make that person special to you?
Picture book in the palm of my hand opened to an illustration of the child imagining he is a knight battling a dragon

    Day Two: Drawing or Writing Prompt

    On day two, we retell the story through play and drawing/writing prompts. We want these activities to suit your family, so take what you need from these prompts and leave what you don't. If you or your child would rather not draw or write, feel free to skip this part. Or perhaps part of the story really catches their attention and they'd like to draw about that one part. It is up to you and your family!

    Have your child trace their hand (or help them to trace it) onto a piece of drawing paper. After they have their hand image, ask them what is their favorite treasure that fits just right in the palm of their hand? Have your child draw or write about this special object and what makes it so special to them. Another option for older children is to ask them about something that's small enough to fit in their hand, but eventually grows into something much bigger (for instance an acorn) have them draw this and in the background behind their hand draw what it will grow into.  

    a childs hand traced on a piece of drawing paper next to a cup of tea and a picture book

    Day Three - Craft Art From Tiny Nature Treasures

    On Day Three of our book club, we dive into a craft or activity that draws inspiration from the book. Use the time crafting together to discuss or retell the book with your child. For today's craft, we will spend some time outside to collect small bits of nature like flowers, leaves, sticks, acorns, anything we find interesting or beautiful. Discuss how these small pieces are all interconnected, and how together, they create the beautiful natural world. If even one of these small pieces were missing, it's possible nature would look totally different. Then, use these special natural finds to create a work of art. You and your child can create a picture, or make a mandala, whatever you feel inspired to make!

    Child leaning forward working on a mandala made out of flower petals, leaves and acorn tops

    This is also a great opportunity to discuss how such small things like acorns or seeds can grow and become giant trees or colorful fields of flowers. There truly is infinite potential within the smallest packages, children included.

    A mandala created with flower petals, clovers, and acorn tops

    Did you miss last week's Book Club? Read all about it here. Download the full book & activity list here

    We hope you have enjoyed the second installment of our Summer Book Club. Join us next week as we read Little Witch Hazel by Phoebe Wahl. Share your reading and crafting adventures with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured in our stories or feed. See you next week for more summer reading fun!

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