The Best Gift for Babies

The Best Gift for Babies

Welcoming a brand-new baby or celebrating a baby’s special milestone is an immensely special time, and the gifts given on these occasions often hold a meaningful place in the family and life of the child.

The best baby gifts are ones that will last, are useful, unique, thoughtful, practical, and developmentally-appropriate. And at Bella Luna, we believe the best baby toys are ones that are made with love, from natural materials, and sourced from ethical companies. Creating a nursery and toy chest filled with toys that soothe the senses and are beautiful to behold will allow babies to grow, learn, and develop while gently bringing them into a life of rhythm.

From handcrafted wooden rattles to plush animals waiting to become steadfast companions, our selection of baby gifts focus on natural, enriching toys that  inspire curiosity and wonder. Here are a few of our favorite gifts for babies for a birthday, baby shower, holiday, or just because, and why we love them! 

The Best Baby Gifts

Bella Baby Organic Terry Doll:

These adorable terry cloth Waldorf dolls are the perfect shape and size for a baby to hold and grasp. Each doll is 100% organic and filled with pure wool, making them safe for teething babies. The ideal size for tucking in a stroller or diaper bag to take along everywhere, these dolls are one of our bestselling baby gifts.

Otto The Elephant Wooden Pull Toy

One of the original wooden toys from beloved German toy maker Grimm's Spiel & Holz, Otto has been rolled steadily around for generations of play! Made from sustainable limewood, the vibrant blue and red colors will appeal to small elephant owners as they learn how to walk at the end of their first year (and eventually run) with their new friend.

Magica Wooden Beads Clutching Toy

Made in Germany by HABA, this bright and cheerful teether and grasping toy is ideal for developing a baby's hand-eye coordination and hand strength. The wooden balls make a gentle rattling sound when shaken to stimulate the senses. Made from sustainably sourced beechwood and non-toxic dyes, the bright colors and changing shapes will provide endless entertainment.

Vermont Wooden Baby Rattle

Another true Bella Luna baby gift favorite (and probably the most gifted product from all the Bella Luna Toys staff), this enduring wooden rattle is made in Vermont and created from a single piece of rock maple hardwood. There is no finish on this toy making it a super natural choice. Side note; wood is shown to be naturally resistant to germs and bacteria making this an even safer choice!

Baby's First Wooden Magnetic Blocks

At Bella Luna Toys, we believe every child should have a set of blocks in their toy collection and these magnetic blocks from Tegu are a great starting place. These colorful magnetic blocks will feel good in babies hands and are compatible with all of Tegu's amazing magnetic block sets so this gift can be added to with each year. 

Grey Goose Warming Pillow

There are so many reasons why so many people flock to this wonderful baby gift! Made in Germany by Senger, this organic warming pillow and stuffed animal companion, will warm little hearts for years to come. Soothing, natural, and a durable stuffed animal toy, this is a baby gift that will last for generations and make an indelible impression on little ones. 

Soft Baby Ball

Rolling, grasping, reaching, and tracking are all skills that will be developed by having a soft ball at play. We love this natural and extra soft rainbow ball from Grimm's which will encourage babies to explore colors and textures, awakening their senses. A great tool for developing hand-eye coordination as well as small and gross motor skills.

Baby Toddler Indoor Outdoor Swing (for 6 months and up)

This chic and beautifully designed baby swing can be used indoor and outdoors, and is suitable for babies as young as six months (once baby is able to sit upright unaided),and easily converts to a toddler swing (between the age of 2 and 3) when using the domed leg divider. Expertly crafted in New Zealand using superior quality materials, the swing is made from weather-proof canvas and beautifully finished wood and will be an indispensable part of a baby's daily rhythm, growing up alongside them.

Hot Water Bottle with Organic Cotton Cover

A gift for babies and their entire families, this cozy hot water bottle will warm a bed on chilly evenings, soothe a tummy ache, or relax aching muscles. Made in Germany, this traditional hot water bottle features a cozy removable cover made from organic cotton fleece for easy care.

Organic Monkey Washcloth

Make bath time even cuter and more fun for your little monkey with this adorable organic washcloth puppet. This sweet washcloth is a great way to distract babies when you are soaping them up and a way to add some storytelling into the bath time play. Made from thick terrycloth that will hold up to years of bath time puppet shows.   

At Bella Luna, we believe there's always a wonderful time for a special gift; whether it’s a birthday, a special celebration, a holiday, or just because, few things are more joyful than giving a little one a gift that will brighten their play and learning for years to come. Finding that special gift that will last and be a part of a child’s growth for many years is a lovely way to make a mark on your child, grandchildren, or loved ones. We are so grateful to be a part of these enduring moments and hope this gift guide helps choose a just-right gift for whatever occasion arises!

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