The Best Wooden Toys for Babies

The Best Wooden Toys for Babies

No one does more research than an expecting mother. With the anticipation of your new arrival also comes an onslaught of new worries, among them how to keep your baby as safe as can be.

Once you get the right car seat and crib your thoughts might start turning towards toys. If you’ve ever read about the benefits of organic toys and sustainable wooden toys, you know that they are not only best for the environment, but have a number of benefits for your little one too.

Best Wooden Toys for Babies

Many mainstream toys found in the market today still contain phthalates, BPA and other harmful chemicals. While it’s hard to grasp how a small plastic toy can have a harmful effect on your child, it’s important to remember that these small bodies are at greater risk than adults are since they are still developing and are much more apt to put these toys in their mouths.

But the benefits of wooden toys for infants and all children as they age is plentiful. Here’s just a few.

Wooden toys are safe and chemical free

Unlike plastic toys, many toymakers that focus on wooden toys do so because of their conviction in high-quality and safe toys. We carefully select toy brands that align closely with our mission in offering children toys that are safe, sustainable and also allow for development at every age. We look for wooden toys that are finished with non-toxic and organic finishes so they're safe for the hands and mouths of babes.

Sustainable wooden toys are better for the planet

Not all wooden toys are created equal. Once you begin to research wooden toys, you’ll be able to find ones that source from sustainable forests, practice environmental stewardship, use FSC certified woods and adhere to other environmental manufacturing practices.

Wooden toys engage a child’s imagination

We’ve been taught to believe that toys that light up and operate on batteries are the most sought after. But why is it that children always prefer the box that toys come in? It’s because it allows for the imagination to roam free. We offer a variety of open-ended toys, which means there is no right way to play with it.

They’re aesthetically pleasing to children—and parents

The warmth of natural wood is in stark contrast to how cold plastic feels in a child’s hands. Not only does it feel better during play, but wooden toys can look beautiful when left out too. In fact, many wooden toys are so beautiful, you’ll want to leave them on display purposefully!

Our Favorite First Toys for Babies

Here are some toys we recommend bringing into your child's tummy time and playtime as soon as they're able to practice grasping!

Wooden Clutching Toys

These grasping toys are designed to help little ones develop fine motor skills and dexterity. By four to five months, baby will be able to start picking up and investigating these toys with their own hands. 

Wooden Rattle

Not only is a wooden baby rattle a wonderful baby shower gift, it's also an heirloom favorite that many families will keep and pass down over the years. Our Vermont Maple Wooden Baby Rattle is handcrafted and made to last.

Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Wooden blocks have been toys that generations of children have loved. We offer a variety of block options, from open-ended sets to classic wooden ABC blocks. Though your baby won't be building architectural marvels right away, they help them identify colors, shapes and help fine tune their motor skills.

Wooden Stacking Toy

These stacking toys grow with a baby as they develop. Stacking blocks or rings helps develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and teaches sequencing and colors.

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