Wool Felt Heart Pouches

Wool Felt Heart Pouches

This sweet and simple craft is perfect to give as tiny tokens of love to friends and family this Valentine’s Day.

Our friend Jillian Schatzman of Little Minds Creative put together this tutorial exclusively for us. Spread the love by making these sweet heart pouches with your own family.

Valentine Pouch Tutorial
Materials needed:
Wool felt sheets
Glue of choice (For this tutorial, Jillian used hot glue)
Marker or crayon to trace
A heart shaped stencil or your own template using cardstock or cardboard

Embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Wooden peg dolls

Template for Heart Pouch
Step 1:
Create heart template using material of choice by cutting out a heart approximately 3-4” in width. Create a “pocket” template using the bottom half of the heart template to get the accurate size. You will have two templates. Using a marker or white crayon, trace the heart and pocket shapes on to the wool felt.

Cut Shapes for Heart Tutorial

Step 2:
Cut shapes out. Glue pocket on the the front of the heart. Allow to dry.

Glue on Heart Cut Out Shapes

Step 3:
Decorate as desired. We added stitches around the edges using embroidery floss and an embroidery needle.

Stringing Hearts Together

For the small felt hearts, we cut out small squares of felt, folded them in half and cut half a heart shape. We affixed them with glue.

Finished Heart Pouch
Add a little gift or note of your choosing into the little pocket! You can include a little wooden peg doll, sprig of flowers, or any favorite treat as a perfect handmade gift for friends or family.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine Heart Pouch

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  • Valerie Thomas

    Such a “heart “warming and simple idea !

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