How To Make Felted Soap

Posted by Sarah Baldwin on

As we head into the holiday season, I'm hearing from more and more parents looking for DIY gift ideas.

Encouraging children to make their own gifts by hand is a wonderful way to get them into the giving spirit. Felted soap bars are a beautiful and practical gift, and as a bonus they're so much fun to make!

All ages can take part in this wonderful craft activity.

On this week's "Sunday with Sarah," I'll show you how to make your very own felted soap.

We used our Felted Soap Bar Craft Kit in this tutorial, which is a wonderful way to learn how to get started with felting soap before experimenting and creating your own.

Holiday Homemade Gifts Tutorial

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  • This is lovely! Thank you, Sarah!

    Terri Betz on
  • Dear Sarah,
    I’m in love with making soapbars. Gonna try with my sweet alzheimer patiënts.
    I wonder, can we actually use these beautiful bars under the shower?
    Loving regards ,
    Nicole (from Holland)

    Nicole on

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