Sewing Kits for Kids. Stitching crafts and handwork help develop children's fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
Kids Hand Sewing Kit Bird

Hand Sewing Kit - Bird

$ 19.00

Hand Stitching Project Kangaroo

Hand Sewing Kit - Kangaroo

$ 19.00

Easy Stitching Kit Penguin

Hand Sewing Kit - Penguin

$ 19.00

Piglet Stuffed Toy Hand Sewing Project

Hand Sewing Kit - Piglet

$ 19.00

Hand Stitching Kit Rabbit

Hand Sewing Kit - Rabbit

$ 19.00

Grimms, Butterfly, Wooden Sewing | Lacing Toy

Wooden Butterfly Sewing Toy

$ 29.00

Wooden Cheese Lacing-Threading Toy, Germany Sold Out

Wooden Cheese Lacing Toy

$ 19.00

eeBoo Fairies of the Field Lacing Cards Sold Out

Fairies of the Field Lacing Cards

$ 15.00