Magical Music Wands - Heart and Start - Bella Luna Toys
Magical Music Wands - Heart - Bella Luna Toys
Magical Music Wands - Star - Bella Luna Toys
Music Wands - Heart

Magic Music Wand

$ 8.00

A simple and unique musical instrument for kids that creates magical chime when struck!

Each Music Wand is a unique hand-crafted, sculptured metal chime. Children can actually touch and feel music.

Made with premium quality, non-toxic alloy. Simply hold in your hand and tap the end on a hard surface, and enjoy the lovely ringing tone. 

Our Music Wands have many open-ended uses including music, dramatic play, science and art.

It’s a fairy wand, a gentle attention-getter for meal time or the classroom, a charming gift embellishment, a musical instrument, an acoustical science experiment and more!

Each wand is decorated with a piece of colorful ribbon. 

  • SIZE : Star - 10.5 inches long; Heart -12 inches long
  • MATERIALS : USA sourced premium quality, non-toxic alloy, ribbon 
  • SAFETY : Lab tested conforms ASTM 963
  • ORIGIN : Made in Mexico

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