Light the Way to Ramadan

Celebrate under the Ramadan moon with our collection of inspiring celestial toys. 

Ramadan Crafts & Inspiration

Learn About Ramadan with a Moon Clock

This Ramadan craft brings excitement about the new moon and emphasizes the lunar cycle’s importance in religious traditions. As always, you can merely embrace the passage of the moon, and little ones enjoy seeing the moon each night before bed! 


Make a Glowing Moon Luminary

Today, we are making a moon lantern to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan for those that practice, and to open that conversation up with children learning about the holiday. Introducing diverse cultures and world views helps children develop empathy and a curiosity to explore and learn more about our world.


Decorate for Eid with Ramadan Window Lanterns

This April, Muslims around the world are celebrating their holiest month of the year. To join them in celebration we created these printable lantern transparencies to brighten your windows during celebrations. 


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