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Our Team

Sarah Baldwin, Owner, Bella Luna Toys

SARAH BALDWIN, Queen of Toyland

Owning Bella Luna Toys is Sarah's third career. She worked as an actress in New York City for ten years before becoming a Waldorf teacher. Now Sarah has the best in the world: she gets to play for a living!

Sarah loves introducing families to the beautiful toys she used in her classroom and at home with her own two children for nearly 20 years, and sharing her love of Waldorf education.

Sarah also loves making music, the arts, reading, Pilates, and studying Italian. She is passionate about traveling, especially to Italy,  and loves riding her Vespa in the summer. Her dream is to one day live in Italy. Andiamo!

Sarah's Favorite Toy: The Waldorf Rocker Board. "This is my very favorite that we sell! I am proud to have introduced this toy to the world-at-large, when it was previously mostly known only among Waldorf kindergarten teachers. This toy inspires physical activity and imagination and can be played with in so many ways by children of different ages."

Chris Percival, Bella Luna Toys

CHRIS PERCIVAL, Warehouse Wizard

Chris is the hardest working man in the toy business. He oversees all our inventory purchasing and manages the shipping staff with humor and positivity.

Chris loves reading, hockey and teasing Sarah! He also loves spending time with his son and going on adventures in the great Maine outdoors with his family.

Chris's Favorite Toy: The Velveteen Rabbit Plush Toy and Book Set. "We gave these both to my son years ago and reading the book has become his favorite bedtime ritual."

 Stephanie McBride, Bella Luna Toys

STEPHANIE McBRIDE, Project Princess

Stephanie is Sarah's go-to for implementing new ideas and organizing projects. Her attention to detail makes her an indispensable member of the team.

Her favorite pastimes include reading, swimming in Maine's plentiful lakes, playing frisbee with her son and making soap, cosmetics, and fine jewelry.  In the winter, she enjoys playing cards or board games by the fire after a day of snowshoeing.

Stephanie's Favorite Toy: The Nicki Baby Waldorf Doll. "I love how you can pose them and they're the perfect size for a little hand to carry, or to tuck into a tote bag and take along everywhere. They're so cute!"

Erica Crane

ERICA CRANE, Countess of Customer Care

Erica and Sarah have known each other for almost 20 years, since Erica and her identical twin girls came to Sarah's Parent/Toddler class at Ashwood Waldorf School. Her twins are now seniors in college!

Erica’s wordsmithing ability and problem-solving skills make her the perfect fit for her role as Customer Care Manager.

In the summer, Erica enjoys reading on the beach and swimming in the cold Maine ocean. In the winter she like to snowshoe with her dogs and cooking for her family.

Erica's Favorite Toy:  Little Red Riding Hood Waldorf Doll from Nanchen of Germany. "She has such sweet painted features and beautifully-made clothes. I wish they made her boiled wool red coat in my size!"

GABRIELLE McINTYRE, Customer Care Angel

Gabrielle's calm demeanor makes her ideal for her job of helping to solve our customer's problems. Anyone who speaks with Gabrielle always feels better afterwards!

In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys creating art, volunteering at our local animal shelter, and spending time with her family hiking around the beautiful coast of Maine.

Gabrielle's Favorite Toy: The set of Handmade Wooden Animal Friends. "They are much bigger and heavier than you would guess by looking at them online, and each one has so much personality! As an artist, I appreciate the attention to detail on their cloaks. They are adorable!"

Rachael Kozielec

RACHAEL KOZIELEC, Social Media Sprite

Rachael is responsible for the many adorable photographs of our toys posted on our Instagram feed, and responds to many of the kind comments from our followers. She is a photographer, artist, and crafter and even makes our Moon and Star Crayon Rolls.!

Rachael loves spending time with her two children, writing, and walking outside in all kinds of weather.

Rachael's Favorite Toy: The Ostheimer Kangaroo with Baby. "She can 'jump' around the house and play hide-and-seek. One family member can hide her in the morning (in a cabinet or behind a door) while another family member can look for it throughout the day. It's a great way to bond with your child through play."

SAWYER STONE, Numbers Gnome

Sawyer values neatness, logic and order, and makes sure that our office areas, as well as our accounting books, are neat and tidy. Sawyer loves spending time in the Maine outdoors and kayaking our beautiful coastline.

Sawyer's Favorite Toy: The Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board. "I love that it's not just a balance board that encourages physical activity, but also because it's a challenging and fun maze that helps build kids' brains."

BENJAMIN LUSCA, Baron of Boxing

Ben is a little camera-shy, so he commissioned this portrait by his six-year-old daughter. It looks just like him!

Ben is our senior shipper and does an excellent job making sure every package gets out the door within one business day and to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Ben loves spending time with his two kiddos and bride. He loves his Miami Dolphins, drinking coffee, reading, bird watching and hanging outdoors.

Ben's Favorite Toy: Classic Wooden Alphabet Blocks with Wagon. "Given the impossible task of having to choose just one toy from Bella, it would have to be these blocks. My kids and I both love the multi-functionality and endless play they offer--from building a fortress to taking them on a stroll looking for birds. The blocks have traveled with us on every road trip, from Boston to New York to New Jersey. They are a constant favorite take-along toy in our household!"

JARED COLE, Sir Ships-a-Lot

If you have ordered from us recently, it's likely that Jared carefully picked and packed your order for shipment. He takes great care with attention to detail, and since hiring Jared, our shipping error rate has dropped to less than one percent. Jared brings his great sense of humor with him to Bella Luna Toys and makes us all laugh with his clever comments and funny staff messages.

Jared's Favorite Toy: Our new Bugs Wooden Alphabet Blocks."My one-year-old son and I both love them. They have cool, artistic designs but are simple, open-ended toys for young children."