A Warm Welcome
to Our Oompa Friends

Find all your favorites from Oompa and more!


Our merger with Bella Luna Toys allows us to simplify our business model while providing the same great products and service in a more robust play space. For over ten years, our two companies have been run by the same dedicated team.   

We can’t wait for you to reap all of the benefits that Bella Luna Toys has to offer: a great blog, a dynamic Instagram, fabulous emails, and more. When you subscribe to the Bella Luna Toys email and SMS list, you will receive $10 off your first Bella Luna Toys purchase over $75.

We have migrated all Oompa Play Point account balances to the Bella Luna Toys Star Coins Rewards Program.  

If you have an Oompa Play Points account AND are a Bella Luna Toys customer with a Star Coins account, Play Points have been automatically converted to Star Coins and deposited if your accounts are under the same email address.  

If you have an Oompa Play Points account, but are not a Bella Luna Toys customer, please create an account HERE with the same email address and your balance will be waiting for you once the migration is complete.

New to our rewards program? Learn more HERE on how to earn rewards on every purchase and more!  

Need more help? Contact support@bellalunatoys.com    

Oompa e-giftcards purchased after January 1, 2021 with a remaining balance have beenl reissued for use on bellalunatoys.com.

Please search you inbox for an email from support@bellalunatoys.com with your new Bella Luna Toys e-gift card code.

If you have an e-giftcard issued more than two years ago or if you need more help, please contact support@bellalunatoys.com.