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Glass Butter Churn

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 Is there anything that tastes better than homemade butter? Churning butter is also a terrific activity for kids, who love the reward of eating butter they've made themselves on freshly baked bread!

This is also a wonderful learning toy to educate children about cooking in the kitchen.

Making butter is super easy with this Glass Butter Churn, a modern version of the classic antique Dazey glass butter churn (which I used in my classroom for many years). Fresh butter can be ready in as little as ten minutes.

Making butter also provides a classic science learning lesson in the transformation of substance, which many teachers enjoy doing in the classroom with their students. The only ingredient needed is heavy cream (and a little salt, if you wish).

Little hands love to help turn the handle to churn the butter, and it's a great activity for restless children who have energy to burn. Many hands make light work, so kids can take turns when their arm grows tired.

After the butter has taken shape, you will also have delicious buttermilk with which to cook, bake or enjoy as a refreshing beverage. (Did you know that fresh buttermilk is not sour? Commercial buttermilk from the grocery store has been cultured.)

The stainless steel gears and paddles made of food-grade silicone make clean up quick and easy.

Shape your finished butter with our Pair of Wooden Butter Paddles (sold separately).

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make butter with this charming churn!

  • SIZE : 10.75 inches H x 6.5 inches W x 4.75 inches diameter
  • MATERIALS : Glass, Silicone, Stainless Steel and Wood
  • CARE : Before use, wash in warm soapy water and air dry.  Glass base is dishwasher safe.  The mechanism should be washed in warm soapy water and left to air dry.  Do not store while still wet.  Always pick up your churner from the glass base, not the handle.
  • ORIGIN : Made in China
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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