Finger Strings - A Book of Cats Cradles

Finger Strings - A Book of Cats Cradles

$ 24.99

Finger Strings is a brand new collection of finger string games which contains old favorites, as well new and original games that will delight older children and adults, and keep fingers busy for hours.

Finger string games are a wonderful way for children to build their fine motor skills, visualize geometry, and engage their creativity. They exercise the hands and the brain, but are also great fun!

Finger Strings contains more than 80 imaginative games and stories, illustrated with more than 600 clear, step-by-step color illustrations.

With a ringbound spine, this book is designed to lie flat, to minimize page-turning while creating your string shapes.

About the Author

Michael Taylor is a Waldorf teacher in the UK. He brings traditional children's movement games to the classroom and playground, and is lovingly referred to as the “String Man.”

In addition to string games, Michael also teaches and collects jump rope games, finger games, clapping games, beanbag games and ball bouncing.

He is never without a string in his pocket, and has been known to entertain strangers on trains, planes and automobiles with his magical string games!

Ringbound Paperback, 144 pages

While two strings are included with the book, some of the games in Finger Strings are for up to six people with six strings! For additional strings, see our rainbow colored String Games from Sarah's Silks.

Watch the following video for a Cat's Cradle demonstration, and my thoughts on the importance of string games for children.

  • SIZE : 8.25 x 9 inches
  • INCLUDES : Book and two brightly colored strings to get you started!

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