Heavy Baby, Weighted Waldorf Doll, Millet
Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll, Face Detail
Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll - Fair/Sage Green
Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll - Fair/Yellow
Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll - Cocoa/Lavender
Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll - Fair/Pink
Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll - Cocoa/Light Blue
Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll - Fair/Lavender
Heavy Baby Weighted Millet Doll - Red | Cocoa Skin
Heavy Baby Waldorf Dolls - Fair/Blue, Dark/Yellow, Cocoa/Lilac
Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll
Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll
Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll
Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll
Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll

Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll

$ 169.00

Our bestselling Heavy Baby™ Dolls, sometimes known as "millet dolls," or "sensory babies," are weighted dolls filled with organic, lavender-scented millet and are designed not only to have weight like a real baby, but to also provide a calming and therapeutic effect when held on a lap. Bunting-style dolls, their bodies are sack-like, without legs.

Inspired by Waldorf baby dolls that originated in Germany in 1919, the Heavy Baby was designed to resemble a child in its infant stage. The characteristic shaping of the doll's head distinguishes it as a Waldorf doll. The doll's facial features are hand embroidered and intentionally simple, in order to encourage imagination and creativity during play.

The unique combination of wool stuffing (which gets warmer the longer it is held) and the weighted body give Heavy Baby a lifelike feel that helps to foster nurturing qualities in young children. Heavy Baby is just right for the child who needs to "lug," and it has a settling and reassuring quality for those in need of extra sensory attention.

These are the original Heavy Baby™ natural fiber dolls made from the original design and pattern created by Trish Mooney, exclusively for Bella Luna Toys. Lovingly handmade by our skilled doll-maker, each one is unique and dimensions may vary slightly.

The doll's body is made of unbleached cotton muslin, organic skin tone knit, and filled with wool and organic millet scented with lavender. The outer bunting is made from ultra-soft cotton velour is removable for washing.

Comes in your choice of three skin tones: Beige, Light Brown or Dark Brown.

Clothing colors available: (Please note - Fabrics may vary in color due to dye lots and availability.)

  • Light Blue
  • Purple
  • Sage Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Red

Please see our Little Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll, a smaller version of the Heavy Baby doll for children under 4. 

Watch the following video to see why the Heavy Baby Doll made it on to my Best Waldorf Toys: Top Five Picks list!

Doll play isn't just for girls! Watch the video below to hear my thoughts on boys and doll play.

  • SIZE : Each doll is approximately 16 inches tall and weighs 4½ lbs. 
  • AGES : Ideal for children ages 4 and up (but mothers also find it hard to let go of these cuddly dolls!)
  • MATERIALS : Cotton, wool, millet, lavender essential oil
  • CARE : Bunting:  machine wash and dry  Doll:  Spot clean with damp sponge and clear, mild soap
  • FREE ECONOMY SHIPPING : This item ships free within the 48 contiguous United States.
  • ORIGIN : Handmade in United States

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