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Indigo Natural Dye Kit

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Indigo bearing plants make up this beautiful Indigo Natural Dye Kit using materials that have been in use since pre-historic times. The culture and wonder that surrounds this plant is immense - rightfully so!

Indigo cannot be dyed in the same way as other dyes, but must be used to create a "living" vat, which is achieved through a fermentation process.

This kit contains the pre-measured ingredients needed to create one organic fructose vat. How much you can dye will depend on how dark you want your blue to be, and how much material you plan on dyeing.

For example, one vat could easily dye five yards of medium-weight fabric in a nice medium dark blue. As with all dyeing, have extra material on hand in case your vat allows for it! When cared for correctly, one vat can remain active for several weeks.

The kit also includes comprehensive instructions on how to create the vat, how to use it for dyeing, and how to maintain it.

NOTES: Indigo dye cannot be used on synthetic fabrics, but material with a small amount of synthetic material (i.e. 5% nylon or spandex) is fine.

Also note that the dyed fabrics in the photos below are not included. They are included as examples of the range of colors one can expect to achieve from the dye. 

  • INGREDIENTS : Approximately 1 ounce indigo powder, 1.7 ounce pickling lime (calcium hydroxide), and 2.6 ounces fructose syrup
  • AGES : Recommended for ages 7 and up; Adult supervision required when dyeing with younger children
  • ORIGIN : Made in Canada

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