The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly by Reg Down

The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly by Reg Down

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Here is the original collection of stories of the beloved fairy Tiptoes Lightly by Waldorf teacher and master storyteller Reg Down.

Stories in this first volume include:

  • "The Bee Who Lost His Buzz"
  • "Pumpkin Crow"
  • "Lucy Goose and the Half-Egg"

Tiptoes Lightly lives high up in the branches of a Great Oak Tree, overlooking Running River. She and her friends enjoy many colorful adventures!

First they help a bee who's been snagged on a thorn belonging to grumpy Mr. Cactus.

Next they visit the house of Pine Cone and Pepper Pot, and sail down to the sea to untangle Octopus, who is too young to count his legs properly and gets them all mixed up!

Later they journey to Snowy Mountain to visit Jack Frost, who tells them the dramatic story of his origin.

Finally, after many adventures big and small, they find the real mother of the half-egg that Lucy Goose found in the mud and is determined to hatch along with her own eggs.

With plentiful illustrations by the author, these are simple, innocent and magical nature stories.

Both humorous and reverent, these stories are suitable for reading aloud to pre-readers, or for older children to read themselves.

About the Author:

Reg Down grew up all over the world, and has lived in South Africa, Namibia, Ireland and Canada.

The father of three, he has taught eurythmy (an art of movement and gesture) in Waldorf schools in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and served on the faculty of Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, Cal.

The author of eight books for children, Reg's stories have arisen out of his work with his students in kindergarten and the early grades.

He lives in Sacramento, Cal., "writing, publishing, storytelling, puppeteering and generally hanging around and twiddling his thumbs."

Soft cover, 104 pages

  • AGES : 4-9 (although adults love them, too!)
  • ORIGIN : Made in United States
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